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  1. And none with the abs?.. By any chance yiu a pic of it pls
  2. And none with the abs?.. By any chance yiu a pic of it pls
  3. I purchased hurst lock line + kit from Titan.. Since ours is RHD and master cylinder is on right and abs on left (not like LHD everything on one side). Do i need to lengthen one line from master to abs?
  4. Laters straight to Toyota to order everything... Thank you buddy
  5. Yes pls so i can match them to see if they're the correct ones if not a prob
  6. What a useful thread!... Cheers [emoji846]
  7. Does anyone have the part number of uk brake pads?... Rear and front
  8. Still available?.....u have any pics of them?
  9. Anyone knows the widest tyres(slicks or semi) i can run on rx7 rims ? Also what setup can i run with these rims on my supra
  10. hi mate,is it still available?....would you ship to Malta?
  11. i know a local buddy that has one..if it's not in good condition i let u know - - - Updated - - - what makes it to not fit?....is it the bolt pattern?
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