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  1. The UK front end will be getting changed (relax, parts are not getting sold just taken off and stored, just not my style), there is rust developing on doors, sills, behind the fender/bumper area, wheel arches, a hole in roof that leaks and a nasty scratch on the door. It was resprayed/filled/patched in places in the past, without taking some stuff off and you can see the original paint in places. So at this point it looks like doing a full respray might be in order. And who knows what else there is that isn't visible...I also really wanna have the undercarriage looked at and undersealed and st
  2. Didn't realize it was available...this car's f*cking weird when it comes to parts...might pick one up and hold on to it and treat the original as it's puke pink lol
  3. Mine is quite faded. How can this be corrected to make it look new-ish?
  4. Lucky for someone, I've never managed to find a set despite looking for a few years now. Seen spats a few times but already have a set.
  5. Very hard, actually and not totally trashed, impossible.
  6. Didn't know about the sub frame... Seems like under the wiper cowl and tailgate is a nice place for rust too.
  7. Yeah I guess anything that you can get here, just get here. Just gotta included P&P but otherwise you know what you're paying in the end. With today's import fees you won't be saving sh1t anyway. Best thing is to ask everyone you can, someone will find the part...as long as it's not long discontinued.
  8. I had the same question...as someone suggested it for checking part availability and I see you can buy stuff direct too. So would you use Amayama vs calling a local trader? I been getting quotes for stuff from all over...but adding stuff to basket on Amayama, it seem like you could save a FORTUNE...but does it actually come out that way? They seem to combine shipping too...but what about import fees? I don't mind waiting a bit for stuff. Do trades just use these places to get you parts then?
  9. As UK spec lights are no longer available, the only replacements are EU spec but they are LHD... Can they be set up on UK spec?
  10. Anyone tired these? grams is another one, a lot less but not sure if fitment is any good.
  11. Supra always gets the VIP treatment, no matter where it goes, respect for these cars is thru the roof!
  12. Bit of stage question but is the primer decent? Like a rust-inhibiting primer?
  13. Yeah, I've phoned a few times but he don't pick up, had a few email responds but slow. Whifbitz is about the only one that gets back quite quickly.
  14. I read the hood is made of aluminum to save weight and I don't think I've ever seen one rust... Did toyota do weight saving in other places? Was that the only part made of something that doesn't rust?
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