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  1. Thanks for relaying this information. Hope he's doing better.
  2. Is there a way for removing the internals out of standard wing mirror and preserving all the parts? I looked at various posts but they just tend to break the internals to free the housing off as the spring won't budge apparently.
  3. I'm a sucker for the USDM look. Wonder how much this will fetch...
  4. Doesn't seem to respond to emails or pick up the phone.
  5. They seem to have a few things I can't get anywhere else, are they reliable? I'm aware of shipping/import charges, just wanna know if it's safe to go ahead with the order?
  6. Double sided tape will stick to anything tho
  7. Thanks, makes sense why there's such a gap! Still in production, which is lucky.
  8. Assembling the air box after a timing belt change and noticed the front securing mount point, there's actually no where to secure it to. What happened here, did someone hack something off in the past? There's just space behind it. Also does that loom look okay? It just has PVC tape around it.
  9. My bad, 17345-46090 appears on 1993-2002 JDM cars only but still...I was gonna mention VVTI but it appears on pre VVTI cars too. And yes 17345-46040/17345-46050 appears on both JDM, US and EUR for the entire run of the specific spec and the illustrations are identical (3 tabs sticking out). 17345-46040 would be the 'right' P/N for my one. They had computer issues that morning so I was told to order using the online checkout, this is the only one they had and it didn't mention VVTI or anything weird so I assumed it would fit fine.
  10. It stands for Big Green Book lol it's what we MR2 owners called it!
  11. As my original top intercooler pipe is very tired and blistered I though I'd splash out on a new OEM pipe. When I took it out of it's bag I noticed they were not even close...my original pipe is way longer. So I didn't bother trying it on as it just looks way too short and I may have to return it. But costing almost 200, I'm kinda annoyed as I don't know if they will take it back now as I had it out of it's bag... It does appear on 1993-2002 cars, P/N is on both JDM and EUR cars. Unless I'm missing something? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Yeah, the BGB doesn't really say anything about this...unless I missed it. Just before installing the fan belt, the 3 lines on tensioner were over to the left of the main line (on the engine) so it's definitely a good sign and should be tensioned right. But it's good to hear what others think...with me doing this for the first time.
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