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  1. Very nice car, I’ve owned a tiptronic for over year now, brilliant car to drive, they are massively over looked upon
  2. Just seen this and looked back at pictures to see if I was about round that date, I was indeed been up the lake with my daughter
  3. 1. KamaSupra +1 2. James_cbr 3. DanH 4. SimonSupra 5. Gretie22 +1 6. Soopra 7. SamS14aLewis 8. TRD-Rob (Maybe) 9. Ash (maybe due to wedding commitments) 10.
  4. Looks a lot of heat from the fire as the alloy on the cosworth has completely melted, could be from a spark from a weld onto some rags, as an electrician I wouldn't rule out a loose connection possibly a neutral on a piece of heavy amperage equipment like a welder I've just tested a garage who specialises in restoring jensons interceptors, and wouldn't say the premises is safe Horrible too see [sAD][/sAD]
  5. 1. KamaSupra +1 2. Soopra +1 3. Gretie22 +1 4. Dan H 5. AdamMelton 6. TT Paul 7. James_cbr (Maybe) 8. mplavery +1 hopefully 9. Ash +1 maybe 10.
  6. Hi all me and jake "ripped_fear" have been discussing this for a few weeks and starting the Portsmouth meet up again maybe look into the new year, if we can get the numbers, thought of maybe doing this on a Sunday evening or a Friday evening what ever anyone else would like to throw in.... Port Solent is the usual destination but if people would like else where then open to ideas... Cheers
  7. They will fit over uk, have the same on mine
  8. Wish I took a pic earlier walked passed it wile down town
  9. It's a lovely car, had so much fun driving it back to Portsmouth, great set up, just couldn't believe how comfortable the suspension is, Chris Wilsons done a brillant job
  10. Didn't you just order one jake?
  11. Hi all, after much thought on "do i?" or "dont i?" ive decided to sell my Viper Blue NA and move on to bigger things... After selling my Type R, i fancied something different, i looked down the lines of an evo,subaru,fto etc, but just wanted something different, a car you dont see much of round my way, so i found this on on ebay History of the car from what i know of.. The car orginally was imported and registered in the UK in october 1997, stock and the colour was black, (i believe it went to camberly), at some point it then was imported to the ilse of man and im not sure how long
  12. Should be around for this lee, just drop us a time
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