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  1. For sale I have the aircon compressor just removed from my gz tt auto. only removed to save weight from the car. ac lines SOLD postage available. £120
  2. Yes much more control. You can control all the functions of the gearbox, line pressure, duty cycle etc. But also you dan change shift rpm. Also lock up parameters
  3. Loads more inputs and outputs. To run an a340 auto box. More logging capacity
  4. Stick the sensor in the intercooler piping. Just after going through the intercooler. A sensor in the stock location suffers massively from heat soak.
  5. Might be interested. In a block and a crank. Get started on an engine
  6. Shame you don’t have the block aswell
  7. Yes stock ecu will control a built gearbox just the same as a stock box. as with all a340 gearboxes. Try not to use wide open throttle in overdrive. And do not wheel spin from 1st into 2nd. Eg a burnout changing into 2nd gear. This is very likely to roll the 2nd gear sprag if you treat the gearbox right. It will last very well. also change the fluid in the sump as often as possible if you are giving it a hard time.
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