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  1. I have a few part for sale, they will be available by the end of next week or so. Pair of j-spec headlights in nice condition. The lenses are not yellow at all. See pics. £500 obo 2jzgte turbo manifold with 44mm wastegate flange. I don't remember what brand is it. I made 623hp 600tq with it. No issues however it needs new wrapping. £200 obo Also have a spec clutch with kevlar disc. Good as new! Not slipped at all 623hp 600tq! Rated to ~700hp/tq The pedal feel is good, the clutch is quiet like stock. (Last pic about the clutch disc when new before fitted compared to o
  2. Hi, would you sell the spec stg3+ clutch kit separately?
  3. Driver side pillar trim wanted. Must be able to post to N9 London. Thx
  4. For sale very rare, discontinued TRD Lowering spring set. My supra came with a grey trd suspension kit from japan but the springs and the struts together with 19" wheels are too stiff for my taste..... (they were ok for 18") It drops about 1.2 on fronts and 1" on the back compared to a stock tt6 supra with stock yellow bilsteins/stock springs Cash on collection preferred from N9 London or can post. Not sure on price as never seen another for sale.. £220? Also looking for oem aero or good fitment (no grams!) Side skirts. Thx
  5. As per title, Wanted OEM AERO (or good fitment fibreglass) Side Skirts. Must be able to ship to N98DS London!
  6. I have rare trd spring set. As I know they made by Eibach just a bit stiffer? £300 (discontinued)
  7. Uk spec auto prop for sale. £250 Cash on collection from n9 London or can post.
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