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  1. I'm going, I'm on a ford rs owners club stand with my m3 haha
  2. Thanks for all the good advice lads, I think I will wait till the end if the week and then I think I will put it up on there
  3. Thanks I will have a look at classic cars for sale
  4. Hi everyone, my supra is for sale and I have it on the forum and piston heads, is it worth putting it on auto trader? I have sold a car on auto trader before and the sale was nice and quick but after having a look at what supras are on they are all not very expensive and some have been on it for a while. Do you think people who are looking for supras would go on auto trader? I don't really want to pay for £40 for 2 weeks for no one to even look at it, thanks for any replys
  5. I will be there this week at half 6 to meet Robby and another supra lad if anyone is heading down
  6. Yer, that's why I didn't bother putting it on gumtree, thanks marc I will have alook at pistonheads and driftworks
  7. Hi everyone I have advertised my supra in the classified section on the forum but I was wondering if there is any other places I should put it up? I personally think gumtree is more hassle than it's worth and I am not sure if anyone wanting to spend over 8k on a supra would use autotrader. Thanks for any comments
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