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  1. I can do a tri colour or a single colour. trincolour is 185 and single 110. That’s converting your unit with a 3 year warranty and special delivery return shipping.
  2. Hi everyone I’d like to thank everybody who voted for me and those who left a good comment. So my name is Harry and I trade as SupraLEDrears. I’ve been in business since 2016 and so far I’ve exported 80% of my products worldwide but I’d like to offer some local services too. Most of you will know me from building the lights for the clubs car on Goblin works. I’m based in Manchester and offer the following services. Custom order rear Led conversions Rear Halo conversions Front sequential indicator conversions Hvac conversions I also sell i
  3. Speedo conversions I leave to Stu Hagen on instagram as he's a master. I can do single or multicolour ones. I'll only offer this service once I know my trader account is active.
  4. When mine did a similar noise, the hydraulic tensioner seized up and cracked the bracket on the pulley. Don't rev or drive it until you checked as my timing belt jumped a few teeth.
  5. I've just done some work on Rob's old car today and the new owner also said he got no response from the new likwid art owner.
  6. Has anyone ever thought about or done this? A customer inquired so I wondered if it was possible.
  7. Ah it's like a copy of my life when I first bought mine. Misfire is from the oil leaking from the cam covers. Buy genuine ones from Paul at TCB or it will keep happening. My crank pulley went too, bought a cheap copy and it happened again 6 months later so spend the money on an OEM one and it'll last at least 10 years. Lastly join the aa and add garage and parts. Next time anything breaks that's not wear and tear, they'll pay upto 500quid per claim 5 times a year so they would've paid for the crank pulley if you were covered as long as a vat registered garage changed it. - - - Updated - - -
  8. I went for the yellow ones as I'm Na-t and had only one from factory. I went for them cause they're cheap.
  9. Mine has a silicone coupler there with no drama at 500bhp
  10. I got 2m of steel reinforced hoses from viperperformance and changed all my water pipes around 2014. Still as good as new.
  11. First things first, test the ecu. If it runs fine on the cold map, then the ecu has a problem on the hot map side. Believe me, I've spent over a 1000 quid on new parts just to find out it was the ecu. It's the simplest thing to start with and mine was intermittent too.
  12. My polish guy in Rochdale - - - Updated - - - My polish guy in Rochdale
  13. What happens when you rev it? - - - Updated - - - What happens when you rev it?
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