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  1. Sorry noz i didn't see that this was your thread. I just saw headlight condensation on the main page and thought it was ravens thread.
  2. Yeah he's a very dodgy character. We've banned him from our pages.
  3. he also goes under the name dwozani barbi on there
  4. Ah I didn’t see the sizes before. Only ups will ship items that large abroad. But you’re gonna pay about 200 quid for it too.
  5. A bit late to the party but I have finally received an email from my halo manufacturer about a discount that I can pass on to the next 10 customers only. I only need a 50% deposit to secure a slot. I will let it run until 2 December or until I've reached 10, whichever comes first. If I use your lights, the full conversion would be 600GBP posted back with a 3 year warranty. With the discount I could offer it for 540GBP posted. 50% upfront and 50% when complete. With my current order list the wait time is about 3.5 months. I only need your lights for the final week as I have spare insides t
  6. I only ever use DHL for any parcels abroad. Never had any issues. DHL has so many different branches though and they'll all give you different prices. Use this link, plus if you sign up it's 15% off your first order. https://send.dhlparcel.co.uk/
  7. You want oem or aftermarket?
  8. I can do a tri colour or a single colour. trincolour is 185 and single 110. That’s converting your unit with a 3 year warranty and special delivery return shipping.
  9. Hi everyone I’d like to thank everybody who voted for me and those who left a good comment. So my name is Harry and I trade as SupraLEDrears. I’ve been in business since 2016 and so far I’ve exported 80% of my products worldwide but I’d like to offer some local services too. Most of you will know me from building the lights for the clubs car on Goblin works. I’m based in Manchester and offer the following services. Custom order rear Led conversions Rear Halo conversions Front sequential indicator conversions Hvac conversions I also sell i
  10. Speedo conversions I leave to Stu Hagen on instagram as he's a master. I can do single or multicolour ones. I'll only offer this service once I know my trader account is active.
  11. When mine did a similar noise, the hydraulic tensioner seized up and cracked the bracket on the pulley. Don't rev or drive it until you checked as my timing belt jumped a few teeth.
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