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  1. Even SC300 (USDM) have identical front subframe like Supra (JDM).
  2. You see, I’m from Latvia… I have difficulties to pay todays money for a good car. It’s way easier to put in some time and craftsmanship to build one
  3. Simply any Supra wanted! Rolling shell with papers, damaged, rusty, anything whats laying around and waiting for better days! Please, give some chance to rescue any dying Supra!
  4. BUMP! Still interested to buy some Supra!
  5. If someone have rusty TT 6speed UK spec, then price can be slightly bigger!
  6. Just make an offer and we can discuss! It realy depends how many work must be done to put it back on road. But budget something around 10k.
  7. Hi folks! Want to buy a damaged or rusty Supra with V5. No matter what year, milage or transmission. This car will be a long term project build. Thank you!
  8. If you are realy low on budget, then buy Ecumaster DET3 and search online how to wire it up and I even have some pretty good map for a NA-T T61 single turbo and oem injectors. If you have bit more money then go for Ecumaster EMU Classic or Black. Then you can even get a PNP adapter and harness. Don't go for oldschool cheap piggyback, it is previous century! Best prices for Ecumaster products - https://fmic.eu/en/112-stand-alone-piggy-back
  9. You can get only a full section https://www.amayama.com/en/part/toyota/5370214939
  10. soulfreak


    I need a drivers side mirror, any condition + mirror glass.
  11. I can exchange a passengers side folding mirror with a drivers one.
  12. A little offtopic. As I am far away from UK and wont be able to get a TT box. Maybe I can buy from David P already built auto box for NA-T applications?
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