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  1. these allow you to fit aftermarket 4" into the OEM speaker pods. Tim TB Developments
  2. shame its not going to be as big as previous years, enjoyed them, i'll be there anyway what do we do about friday? i've bought the extra but when can we check in? and do we need any paperwork or just check in using the forum name and mine? Many thanks Tim TB Developments
  3. mineral oil isn't a bad thing mate. its not like it had sand in there you could run an engine on that oil permanently if you really wanted to
  4. i normally advise engines to be broken in over a 1000mile period with multiple oil changes. you can't really do it properly on a dyno without adding increased wear into the system. Tim TB Developments
  5. just realised, did you really buy a custom plate for that black one?
  6. glad it wasn't anything serious mate, almost had a panic attack when you sent me the pic on a trailer lol and by the way, nice cheesy picture lol Tim TB Developments
  7. how come you swapped out the HKS rail mate? you should of said as i'd have fitted one of mine while it was here, if i knew you were going to replace it for something else
  8. hello buddy, that wasn't me who sold those to begin with
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