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  1. Damn photobucket, didn't know its a paid service now
  2. Evening all. Having some financial difficulties, so im contemplating having to sell the old girl (its killing me to even think of selling her). So the supra is currently sorn due to wanting to do stuff and sort a lot of new parts out, but taken a lot longer than i hoped due to finances. Basically, ive seen a few none running half finished N/A projects on ebay sell for 3k and up and wondered what some of you guys think mine is worth. What ive done so far is as follows but may missed a thing or 2: Everything is pretty much finished apart from timing. New plugs New leads New dizzy New ro
  3. v6shep

    Ecu query

    Doh, yeah that blew too hmm, well once my cam civers come back, loom all put back away i dont see why it shouldnt spark then. If it doesn't, im out if ideas
  4. v6shep

    Ecu query

    Im getting stressed and more and more gutted seeing ot sat there and desperately want to drive the old girl again before she rots away but little one on the way, back at my old job that barely supports us has put the brakes on me being able to afford to pay a mechanic to do the job
  5. v6shep

    Ecu query

    Ah brilliant, exactly what i wanted to know. Just a thought i had because thr old girl has been off the road almost 3 and half years through no spark issues. Its had new plugs, leads, dizzy, rotor arm the whole shebang. Never checked ecu until someone here mentioned it and the blown resistor issue, i took it out and hey presto, blown resistor, which had leaked onto the board. Originally it was a gear change issue (auto). Which now leads me to wonder if maybe the blown resistor may have a part to play with the leakage. Anyhow, even the new ecu fitted doesnt seem to have made a difference to
  6. Evening all. Just wondering, ive bought an ecu from a member as mine had a blown resistor. Is the ecu plug n play or do i need it programming? Thanks in advance, Shaun
  7. I thought that the NA had neither crank or cam sensors?
  8. Ah well guess not. Here's an update: Replaced igniter x3 Coil x3 Dizzy x2 Plugs Leads And ECU Checked wiring Still no spark unless testing using the ecu bypass with tester light
  9. Any auto-electrians in the house?
  10. Cheers you two. Did that ages dave. I do have a wiring question if anyone is knowledgeable in this area?
  11. Thinking I might need an ignition coil. Bought a deplhi one brand new a couple of month ago. Car managed to fire up a couple of times, not fired since. Sparks when doing the ecu bypass test using a tester to the battery. Checked with voltmeter tonight and reading 1.0 at two main pins, testing the + and King lead socket I'm getting no reading at all. Same with the old coil
  12. So, yet another update... Fitted new ecu, as excited as a kid in a sweet shop. Connected everything else back up, key in, turned over a few times, wouldn't fire up. Unplugged the king lead to see if it was sparking, nope. Reverted to the igniter test using the light tester with ignition on, nothing... Removed key, it sparked nice and strong. Not a clue what that's about as the instructions clearly state ignition on. But still, that leads me to believe the igniter and coil are fine and otherwise would work as they should. Next I did a quick error code check, and code 14 is the one I'm gettin
  13. Seriously... Can anything else go chuffing wrong?!? Really getting to the point of forcing myself to keep away from the sledgehammer after tonight
  14. What would cause that? Glad I bought another ecu from a member Konrad. Just got to wait for ROYAL SNAIL to actually deliver it
  15. So, here's the little bleeder... - - - Updated - - - Cheers for that
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