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  1. This is a cracking car. And one of the best in the country, as we all know as members of the northwest. But me more than most. It’s a few years since I sold my second supra to Biff another northwester and I’m glad I did when I did. I would have bought this car myself If I wasn’t our oldest northwest member and now couldn’t get in or out of a supra because of a knackered hip. New one in a week. Good luck with the sale Rick. Well worth the money but it would have had to be cheese and onion crisps with the deal Annabella.
  2. There’s nowt like a good meeting and chinwag about cars. But Is it really that important in this current climate. Non essential travel. Social distancing. All sat a different tables. All other meetings I attend have stopped weeks ago. Our farm put contingency plans into place as soon as the virus started to pick up in China. We were able to buy masks. Automatic sanitiser machines. Sanitisers and sprays easily then. But now it hard to buy a bog roll. We’re not in lock down but our plans are well in place and we are ready for them to go much further. We may find the country in total lock down sh
  3. He had changed jobs and was not going to the meet.
  4. Yo everyone. Due to the coronavirus outbreak I suggest that we don’t have any meetings till further notice. The government may shut schools and any public meeting places. Ie restaurants etc. I won’t be attending g. What do you think. ?
  5. Only just seen this. I’m in. I’ll pm Mike. Passed him in his sup yesterday which made me think of the site.
  6. Finally the episode from goblin works garage in on tonight on Quest channel 12. If you attended the night the show was filmed at the 3 sisters race course near wigan you may spot yourself. The car looked impressive but had lots of things on that you may think are not needed or won’t work or add anything to an already great car. Once the American market is on full stream maybe fast and loud might take one on with a a full engine build to match a jazzy body. Shame GWG didn’t get together with TRD. Worth a watch.
  7. Sorry guys just got so many function to go to in December that I will have to give this one a miss. Already got 2 that week of which one is all weekend. Have a great Christmas and a safe and healthy new year.
  8. Having been in this car many times I can say without doubt that it is a really great car. It’s very quick and responsive. It has had a lot of money spent on it and looks amazing. It does have an intermittent starting problem but fortunately never when I’ve been in it. I would imagine that someone who knows the ins and outs of a supra could easily sort it. Could be as simple as something to do with the alarm system. The price at £14K for this machine is in my opinion a good price for what’s on offer. For some looking to enter the modded supra scene then it’s well worth a look over and test driv
  9. Well done to Jackie and Ian for organising the goblin event. Great turnout from across the country. It was excellent to see the tv team pick a supra. It is probably the next big impetus on the love of the car since Paul Walker exploded its tribute in fast and the furious. I’m sure it will see an interest with young people to want one. Heck it even made my old bones feel as though I should still own one. It was great to see my old red TT parked next to a storm blue TT that was my first colour in 1999. Their car: I’m sure there was lots of different personal opinions about some aspects of the c
  10. I’ll be there but no sup. Rick hoping to be there but sup stuck in garage.
  11. Lewis is hoping to be there if his brakes will stop him as he past me last night under full thrust like a bat out of hell. Great sound.
  12. Put that on wrong page but rick is can’t make it to miller.
  13. Rick hoping to come after work. Just down the road at stone cross business centre.
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