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  1. hey just wondering if there is a second decat pipe available for cheapish? i already have a 3" autobahn88 downpipe, cant really afford a good quality full exhaust system at the moment and dont want to get a crappy cheapo one and just have to replace it at a later stage as i'm not happy with the sound as i am about to go bpu.. im more than happy to keep the factoryish sound and exhaust tip for the meantime so any links to guides or advice on how to go about removing the second cats would be appreciated
  2. is there such a thing as a midpipe for the supra? i have the autobahn88 3" downpipe for mine but i'm pressuming this only removes the first cat. i would like to be able to remove the second set of cats but cant really afford to buy a decent full exhaust system right now, and dont want to bother with a crappy cheap system that i then have to replace again at a later date.
  3. battery has since been disconected for about 5 minutes, will this have wiped any stored fault codes?
  4. i cant remember what brand or model they were off the top of my head, but they were 60mm mounting depth
  5. i took a drive over the hills the other night (quite spirited driving) about halfway through i notcied my overdrive light was flashing i proceeded to drive quietly home with the light still flashing... the next morning when i drove to work the light was no longer flashing and everything seemed fine. any ideas what was the cause of this? is it a temperature warning perhaps? or warning of iminent disaster comming my way?
  6. hey also wondering what the maximum mounting depth for supra front doors is? cheers
  7. yeap, springs are on the way... just a 1 inch lowering kit as i live in christchurch new zealand and the roads here are ruined after the earthquakes so cant go too low!!! am trying to find someone who is keen to swap wheels with me at the moment!!
  8. 19x9.5 front and rear.... about 4.5inch dish yes, christchurch aswell. probably the least car friendly city since the earthquakes
  9. haha yeah he has offered, but we are both pretty poor at the moment so couldnt do that to him right now. i'm a fan of the staunch look it has with 9.5 wide front and rear with the stretched tyres to keep the tread under the guards (even more so with the new springs due to arrive) but am starting to get sick of/dislike the general style of the wheels... guess i can just sell or swap them
  10. awesome thanks guys, didnt want to have to pay an auto electrician some rediculous hourly wage to fit it up if it didnt work!!!
  11. hey guys i have purchased a second hand greddy boost cut befender for a 3SGTE (SW20).... but according to the person i bought it off it was removed from a working supra. anybody had any experiences using this? (jdm)
  12. made her walk joe?! hope it wasnt too far!!!
  13. soooo the story goes that i let my dad borrow my car and he promptly proceeded to curb the f$*k out of 2 of my brand new mag wheels.... i now have some springs ordered and on the way to lower the car approx 1" and am considering painting the mags semigloss black (i am a car painter by trade) instead of getting them machined back to original. it would be cheaper and potentially look cool but once its done theres no going back lol just thought i would get some opinions
  14. hi i have just purchased a second hand genuine greddy boost cut controller which says 3SGTE(SW20) apparently it has come straight off a working supra 2jz-gte.... just wondering if anyone knows if it will work? cheers!
  15. hi just wondering how much you charge to ship to new zealand? cheers
  16. yeah i was thinking that.... but i would need to sell my soul to buy anything from toyota!!!
  17. cheers mate, judging by the horrible noise they make i would think they are the factory ones
  18. hey there, just curious as to what size speakers the supra has in it? (j-spec RZ) as i dont really want to have to strip my door out before i can even go shopping for speakers! cheers guys
  19. hey guys just wondering if anybody knows where to get a new blank key? as the door lock buttons on mine are broken... i know their are plenty of generic toyota ones on ebay but i am guessing that since the keys are a different shape i cannot transfer the internals of my original key over... cheers!!!
  20. tubbytwo, i more meant cheap in relevance to a supra build.... dont wanna throw 30k at the thing!!!
  21. why is everybody telling me i cant do a reliable auto box single conversion yet the people telling me this are running single's with auto boxes. mixed messages ARGHHHH haha :@
  22. tubbytwo and mitchell9006 i know what youre thinking haha. but luckily i work in the automotive industry so can get parts cheaper and use my own labour to help cut build costs....
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