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  1. Always used Oem uk brakes and discs with porter field pads and never had any issues stopping on normal road use even at 800+ HP.
  2. What does it do in first in Manu mode and as David P asked have you checked fluids and condition?
  3. When you have the door panel off you can also check if it's the motor or switch by hooking two wires up to a spare battery,if you have one and wire the other end to the motor. If it the operates up and down its your switch that's faulty.
  4. Royalties get lower when programmes get older. Living on my pension now I am 65
  5. Got to admit I am seriously looking to move the Supra on and have a hankering for the Lexus LC 500 5 litre V8 sport + as my fun car.
  6. Yes he does appear occasionally but more prevalent on Facebook
  7. Just remember he is Burna's and protected by the inner sanctum
  8. Grinning like a Cheshire Cat remembering your banter in the old days. How are your knees? Still roofing? What are you driving now?
  9. Precision 6266 for 700 or 6466 for when you get bored and want 800
  10. Hi Adam welcome to the madhouse
  11. Yep agree leave it until next year
  12. 1. Josh42 - Staffordshire 2. blythmrk - Derbyshire/Yorkshire 3. erachter - West Sussex 4. Mike2JZ - Zimbabwe 5. Ben_harmer32 - West Sussex 6. Safcdixon - Durham 7. AdamAMG - Mars 8. Tayr - Uranus/Hampshire 9. Lewmc93 - Merseyside / The TSS 10. Mwilkinson - Hampshire 11. m12aak - Leicester 12. Kev.O - Bristol 13. Samurai 20V - South Africa, Durban 14. Trebor69 - Swadlincote 15. Drift_bear - Aberdeen 16. Harrypm82 - Manchester 17. bonus_2000 - Kent 18. Sukhy - Wolverhampton 19. Dnk - Dunk - Redditch 20. Noz - Devon 21. Jim_supra - East Yorkshire 22. Jord - Oxford 23. Style
  13. They are trying to reschedule for later in the year and your payments guarantee you entry to the rescheduled event.
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