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  1. Hi all, As the title says, I'm in need of the L.H. chassis leg for a RHD please. Total long shot but if there's anyone breaking a car up, Id be grateful. Thanks
  2. I have a small case a02a sat round. Good for a LSD conversion perhaps
  3. Gaz B


    What colour glass?
  4. From a 1994 TT auto. Black back with grey bolsters. No wear damage to bolsters or apholstry. Plugs for seats are intact. Seat rails included. Price is £100 Collection only from Peterborough. It won't let me load the pictures so I can send via email, WhatsApp or FB messenger.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-supra-mkiv-Supra-sport-mats/143058057563?hash=item214eecb95b:g:F74AAOSwPGtcGqwS I have a black interior so no good to me. But someone might want them
  6. Hi, I'm stripping out a a shell so all the dash panels are available. They're all pre facelift TT auto. Which ones do you need?
  7. From the looks of it, the wishbones are still intact with no damage. I shall remember to check when I pull the subframe out for a proper inspection though. Thanks man I'll take the washer bottle please Mark if its going. The top piece on mine is intact but im missing the middle bit from tank to filler.
  8. Yeah will do... But tomorrow! Beer o clock tonight! Thanks though SPG. Big fan of that
  9. Well, it won't be anything I can't fix so all good. Might as well add it to the stuff! Would you mind just sending a PM so I can have a look at it please?
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