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  1. The fitting engineers dropped the subframe to remove mine. They didn't find it too bad. Not sure about the drill size though. I have heard of some cowboys drilling the oil pan in situ. This is a VERY bad idea!
  2. Can't ever see this being usable. I would just ditch it.
  3. Had similar problems in the past. Now use a trickle charger - problem sorted.
  4. I've had a look at this before but this is DVLA's latest attempt at showing how many are around. Interesting but probably not entirely accurate. http://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=toyota+supra
  5. bambisdad

    GE vs GTE

    Going NA-T is great. Just don't expect it to be a cheaper alternative
  6. Thanks guys. Looks like the ARB link has some play in it. Will change these first before considering the shock
  7. I'm hoping its just a failed ARB bush. It is only knocking on the bumps. Will take a proper look tomorrow and see if I can figure it.
  8. I took the car out today for the first time in three weeks and noticed a nasty knocking noise from the nearside rear. It was fine when I put it in the garage last time. Any suggestions as to where I should start looking first? Please help
  9. Guys Can anyone quickly confirm if the exhaust midpipe is the same on a TT and NA Thanks
  10. I bought an NA because it was immaculate and then went NA/T. Didn't save me any money though. I could have easily bought a TT for the same amount spent. On the plus side it has improved by mechanical knowledge.
  11. Got a T61 on mine. Very little lag, sounds awesome and pretty quick
  12. If you want to see a single turbo fitted, you can always take a look at mine as you are probably not far away. I could take you for a spin.
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