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  1. yes mate it was a facelift but its pre-vvti im unsure of a price, i dont want to look an idiot putting a price thats too high or low if the buyer could collect and somehow transport it then i would sell cheaper too
  2. i will have for sale soon any interest? i haven't made a thread yet because it would need collecting and im unsure of how about to sort it out comes as it is, any ideas what its worth? 80k on the clock but was jap
  3. if you mean like 2 boost gauges then yes you can bud i had one setup to my gauge then another feed to my boost controller which also had a display for the boost and both read the same
  4. ahh gutted, so no other way to tell without stripping it? and i cant remember scott lol been while.
  5. does anyone know what diff this is? its supposed to be a lsd but need to make sure, couldnt undo the drive shafts form under the car so had to cut them my vin says its a lsd but im not sure if the previous owner ever changed it
  6. looking forward to seeing this
  7. nice project. how much was the 350z gearbox to 2jz conversion bud? if you dont mind me asking
  8. mapper would be changing the injectors then i guess??? lol
  9. checked on vehicle enquiry and mot expired 26 July 2013 didnt realize it was so long ago. i would have sorn it straight away so i imagine its around the same date if not the same day
  10. apparently doesnt need mot as long as its sorn i think thats what these 2 pages are saying. others have done it no problem. i guess if they refuse they dont take our money http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=10&t=1367807&mid=0&i=20&nmt=Personalised+Plate+SORN+Mistake%2C+Please+Help&mid=0
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