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  1. Sorry these have now sold
  2. Last of my items Have a set of LED rear lights for sale. In very good condition. These were made by Heckler for those wondering. Price is plus postage. Sensible offers may be considered. SOLD
  3. I'm paying £450 a year for an r33 gtr with all mods declared. 27 years old on limited mileage policy. The supra would be cheaper to insure than that for me. It can be done easily.
  4. Try Need2Insure, but with you only driving 3 years I don't think you will get much lower than you have been quoted
  5. I'm not sure, I will have a closer look and see but I don't know if i can tell. Will let you know tomorrow
  6. I can post them but I've no idea how to wrap them/pack to protect best. Just wrap them in bubble wrap? If you're ok with this then we can sort something out - - - Updated - - - I'm not sure, I bought them from the forum a couple of years ago. Seem really well made though
  7. Tyres are sold pending payment, will inform you if it doesn't happen - - - Updated - - - Tyres are sold pending payment, will inform you if it doesn't happen
  8. Sensible offers are ok, ideally I don't want to lose too much more than I've already lost as they are untouched but send me a pm
  9. Selling off parts I bought for my Supra as I no longer own one and theyre taking up room in my garage. It's doubtful they will be used by me in the next few years. ****I forgot about a part, I also have an SRD aluminium undertray that I will put up for sale tomorrow. In great condition*** £SOLD OEM side skirts plastic. I would sand and respray myself but they are in fairly good condition £SOLD Deposit taken Original 16" Alloy wheels in good condition, light marking on some. Easily fixed £SOLD Manual Gear Surround, very good condition £SOLD Full leather re-trim from the grou
  10. Has this meet been cancelled? I've heard the metro kicked off with cars meeting in the usual place, was gonna go have a look tonight since its nice but I just read they don't want cars meeting? Anyone been there recently?
  11. Also sods law that a day after I buy some nice bargains show up on this forum God damnit
  12. I've bought a Datsun, search over I managed to get a good price on one. I'll look for a supra next year no doubt when if I get sick of this gtr.
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