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  1. Dan_Q

    GR Yaris

    very nice indeed- congratulations I test drove one last week, in black with the circuit pack- absolutely fabulous piece of kit, grip really isn't the word- and it uses every single horsepower from the little 3 pot. Tempted to sell up and put my name down........ car fans & yaris haters- this only shares the lights and aerial (shark fin) with a 2020 yaris, everything else is bespoke- even the rear half of the floor is corolla...........
  2. Dan_Q

    Starter Guitar

    Good man! Green thing looks cool too enjoy- this may inspire me to start playing more regularly again. So thanks for that
  3. Dan_Q

    Starter Guitar

    That Ibanez should make a great guitar IMHO, and if you like the look of it i'd say you cant go wrong. As others have said very versatile, and rock type (thin, flat) necks tend to be easier for beginners IMHO. The re-sale, should you want to sell would be less % than something like a run of the mill fender or squier, but I personally think getting what you want is more important than that- and inspires you to play more. I always recommend people to buy the best they can relistically afford and i'll stick with that- but- bear in mind £1-200 guitars are quite a lot better than they were 20
  4. I'm not gonna knock the quality of the snap ons- what's said here is very very true! However it depends how you intend to use it. I have the black industrial roll cab, picked one up at daft offer time, and for how I use it, it has been just fine. Mine stays in its place in my garage, rarely moves and i use a tote tray to take tools to the workpiece- so it doesn't go anywhere- but it has stood up to my cloth cap workmanship and temper tantrums! I've had it 10+ years. I couldn't comment on the top box as I went for a halfords pro centre and top box, but they seem to be holding up just fine to
  5. Top bloke, i used to sprint with him sorry to see he has sold it on though. I was after his wheels! hope it found a good home. Is that the going rate for a nice NA 5 speed these days?
  6. Wow. Thank you very much. I can even order one from the UK for £30: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-2JZ-GTE-Turbo-Clear-Timing-Cam-Cover-Fit-Toyota-Lexus-Aristo-GS300-JZS147-/251878772430?hash=item3aa5250ece:g:0vQAAOSw7aBVA-F9 Not in a rush for this part so will have a proper look at the options when I get time. Thanks again chap
  7. orly? sounds interesting chap any beans you can spill just yet? i'm not sure which way to go next year. prob just carry on as I have been this year if the car doesn't die (why the hell did I just say that!)
  8. ooh that popular are they? dammit lol cheers for the link chap may be worth contacting them when the time comes
  9. very nice- where can you get these?
  10. Great news Mr pedro sir, nice to hear you're still out there giving it your all.
  11. Hi Tim, Just been paid so ordered a couple will send a PM with delivery details now. Thanks Dan
  12. steering wheel whore here- dribbling- just can't justify the outlay at the moment. that is sexeh as hell! have 2 nardis and they are top quality. GLWS and hope it finds a good home
  13. one vote here for the whifbitz one. fits lovely and never had a problem
  14. Nice vids mate. looks extremely well balanced compared to the oversteer of the past
  15. halfway through doing mine- cheers for the petrol tip, i'll give that a try- sounds less time consuming than the razor blade method! already got hours invested in removing one half..... lol
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