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  1. Give her a good servicing today.
  2. Back up for sale guys. Just give her a service/ oil change today along with a good polish and wax. [ATTACH=CONFIG]235064[/ATTACH]
  3. So after some thinking I've decided against selling. Next on the list is that ETS intercooler and I'm wanting to go with the Ford 8.8diff kit. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming updates.
  4. Thought I'd polish up the velocity stack and provide the old polished items a going over whilst I was on.
  5. *EDIT: 3/3/2020 back up for sale. Make: toyota Model: supra Year:1997 Facelift: yes MOT remaining: 11 months Service history: n/a Car's location: North East Modifications: list below Good bits: Amazing car, apart from the shell itself, nearly everything has been replaced with new upgraded parts, the power delivery is just simply amazing, and the car just looks stunning. Bad bits: a few light marks here and there due to age, the t56 gearboxes are quite noisy when bolted to a 2jz due to the gear tolerances, light flywheel and steel bell housing amplifing. (J
  6. Small update, the car has been off the road for quite a while. It tore some teeth off the crown wheel whilst doing a burnout for a photoshoot. We also found out that the diff we had fitted l wasnt the best match for the T56. Joel from grannas racing recommends a ratio of 4.1 to mate with the t56 as a perfect match, so we have now fitted the 4.08, which is far closer than the 3.7 we had fitted. So I think next year we will be going for the Ford 8.8 kit to make this car bullet proof! We also need to change out the 4" mishimoto intercooler for a 5"ETS as we found that the 4" is creating a massiv
  7. FOSTA

    Diff talk.

    At the minute it's 824bhp but we have a massive pressure drop at the inlet due to the intercooler being too small. We need a 5" ETS to see its full potential.
  8. FOSTA

    Diff talk.

    Yeah mate I have micky Thompsons Et Steets drag radials.
  9. FOSTA

    Diff talk.

    It's a ridiculous easy swap mate, if you can build lego then you can do the conversion. Joel supplies all nuts and bolts so it's just a case of unbolting your old box then refitting your new kit. The only thing you need to think about is the hydrollic release bearing (which is also real easy). With this you just need to measure the clearance, its as easy as adding 2+2 which I got a value of 16 lol (jokes). The only thing with the T56 is its slightly more expensive than going 6 speed gatrag in the UK due to shipping and import taxes. But on the plus side its a brand new and more modern box.
  10. FOSTA

    Diff talk.

    Hi mate, yeah I did have it up for sale a while back. The diff decided to fail quite a few month back also, so once I get it sorted I'll have to see if I want to sell up or keep it. In all honesty I'd rather not sell as I've put far too much work into it, but at the same time I need the funds to help with my pilot licence, so sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  11. FOSTA

    Diff talk.

    Can any of you guys recommend some options for differential setups. The problem Ive come across is that I've completed a t56 6 speed conversion, however, I broke some teeth off my crown wheel many months back now. My differential is the A02B (TT auto jap import). With this the recommended differential ratio is between 4.10-4.30 to match the gearbox. I've spent months trying to find a used A02B in good condition but with no luck. I know of the Ford 8.8 conversion at which I'm thinking is my only option now, but due to the expense of this conversion, means that I'll not get the supra back
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