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  1. Thanks for the info guys. Quite shocked that there is no dual brake system.
  2. Hi Guys, Had brake failure two weeks back, a pipe had corroded inside the black plastic protection cover. I am about to replace all the piping with copper, but i would like to know if the Supras have a dual braking system, because if they do, then my system must be faulty as i had no brakes at all. This kind of problem happened a few years ago on my old Merc, a rear brake pipe corroded and i was still left with just the front brakes working, i feel sure the Supras must have this in their design? Any info on this subject will be appreciated.
  3. Hi Josh, Thank you for putting me back on the member's list. herbiemercman.
  4. Here is where i ended up on the short shifter kits, like many things it is a matter of choice at the end of the day. SHIFT.VERDICT.jpg (616.0 KB)
  5. Thanks for info. My box has only done 42k miles and i am aware that if you are running 450BHP the box is working at its max stress level, i don't want a short shifter kit which could add to the ware and tear. I have a purchase pending from another Member but i would like more input from other Members who have this kit fitted before i make the guy an offer. There is also the probability that due to the manufacturers having sold hundreds of these kits, that they should be working OK. I will see if there are any Customer Reviews.
  6. Why? and this is the very info i am looking for, i don't want to shell out £, and find these items are not good.
  7. Has anyone got, or had any experience of the performance of a short shifter gear lever conversion? Apparently there are two types, one for the direct mount and one for the remote mount, mine is the later. I can only find two manufacturers/ suppliers for these kits, one in Australia and one in Germany. If there are any suppliers in the UK i would like to know.? Cheers. REMOTE MOUNT.X.jpg (451.5 KB)
  8. OK just to close this thread following a repair i carried out on the RHS symbols warning lights, i stripped down the module and accessed the tiny wireing connection pins, re-soldered all the pins and all the three symbols lit up. This gave me five lights on the LHS of my dashboard and the three new lights on the RHS, and the master red triangle warning light went out along with the other eight lights, job done. :)LHS.SYM.LTS.jpg (236.3 KB) RHS.SYMB.LTS..jpg (350.9 KB) RED.TRIANGLE..jpg (255.6 KB) AFR.GUAGE.jpg (330.4 KB)
  9. I'm an old fart, but try not to think about it,your as old as who you feel. The 19 to 90 was used as a metaphor, i will change it to 16 to 60.
  10. Keep thinking i am getting too old for a Supra, it was bothering me so i doubled the BHP to wake me up. I know some of the names on the list, but over my 10 years of membership, i have had great technical help with many issues and learned a lot, great Club, with all ages, sort of 19 to 90.lol.
  11. herbiemercman. North West. Clayton-Le-Woods.
  12. I have checked the Dunk and Scooter items and the only thing i can find is there is only five symbols showing in the LED read out, i am assuming there should be six? if there are six, then the left hand side is not lit up, with a powerful torch as Scooter suggested i can vaguely see a symbol, but not 100% sure, i am sure Dunk / Scooter, or Noz will tell me. The warning light is just a nuiscence to me, as my oil level, water running temperature are OK, and everything is working well. I would like to know what you would do, apart from sticking a piece of PVC tape over the light. lol. I am stil
  13. Very good informative link i will get on it, many thanks.
  14. I agree the logic in checking the fault codes my Garage does this on my Merc using "STAR", i will ask him if he has the connector plug for my car, this will be after i have done more investigation from some of the well received posts.
  15. Thanks guys i will re investigate. Herbie.
  16. Can't see why the OEM put a warning light symbol in the user manual and do not state what it is warning you about. ? Herbie.
  17. Thanks guys brake fluid full to the brim, everything on car working, no auto spoiler fitted, tried unplugging brake fluid connection,engine etc spot on, LIGHT still on? Dunk, Is your post how to turn the light off?, if so, i am not sure what i actually do? I often vacate the car with the hand brake on and as i say the brake fluid is brimming? Herbie.
  18. My Master Warning light triangle, red light with an exclamation mark has appeared at the top side of the rev counter. All the other symbols state exactly what they are, battery, oil etc, this warning just states Master, so does it mean you need a full service? also does anyone know how to remove it? Herbie. MASTER WARNING LIGHT..jpg (410.1 KB)
  19. Hi Dunk, Why is the auto rad the best choice, is it because it is less expensive?
  20. I would like to join/register, my location is Chorley, Clayton-le-Woods. Not sure what other info is required? Herbie. (herbiemercman).
  21. Thanks Noz, Good info which i enjoyed reading, i will let the CR drift away now and think more about the more robust gasket's performance. Herbie.
  22. Thanks a lot Noz, Good info, just what i need at the moment.
  23. You gave your opinions and i gave mine, no intention at my end for a wind up, i cannot see why Burna stepped in as he did, that could have been more of a wind up for me. Don't give up.lol
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