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  1. If you have an UK Spec Auto already, then keep the Gearbox, get a VVTI Lump and a Syvecs. The EU/UK A343E Gearboxes are stronger compared to the Jspec ones. Both gearboxes' Valve Bodies can be modified for harder and faster Shifts too. Combined with a Syvecs and Paddles you'll have a much better, faster and more fun to drive result than with just swapping stock parts over. As for UK spec vs Jspec Turbos. I'd just get the Turbos rebuilt with steel Turbines. Then the Jspec Units could make more power than EU/UK Units because they are a bit bigger.
  2. Thanks for the offers guys. I forgot to mention that i have the ECU, Wiring loom, Switch and Motor. Previous owner just cut out the undertray and removed the mechanical bits including Lip etc.
  3. As the title states I'm looking for an active spoiler. Individual parts are also welcome. Thanks
  4. Boost Cut occurs at 1bar. Slightly under 1bar the Stock ECU does kind of a protection mode with the Injectors opening at 100%(or at least close to 100%). As the Supra has a narrowband Lambda closed Loop only is active when you see around 14,7-15AFR any other AFR Values are not closed loop. There also is NO Learning Procedure from the closed loop mode when entering open loop(confirmed that running E85 for testing purposes when i had an emanage ultimate years ago. Closed loop ran fine after a minute while open loop went crazy lean). First Turbo runs at leaner AFRs with approximately 12-12.
  5. That would be a Turbo of the Garrett GT(X)28 Range or other same size Turbos from other manufacturers. Still ECU upgrade or piggy back are mandatory IMHO.
  6. Too complicated... Just go into Sdata and hit Device and read data. After that several small windows appear where you click ok, yes, yes, clear and the log will be saved in the syvecs folder in downloaded Data(maybe in a sub folder). Locate the log files(.sd ending) and send them
  7. There was a thread not to long ago re shimless buckets etc. In short they are not needed unless you are revving crazy high (8500rpm+) with extreme cams. GSC S2 will be fine without shimless buckets @8500rpm
  8. It's the noise filter for the igniter. Car will run without it
  9. Can you adjust it? If not get a Turbosmart Raceport or Tial Q with the correct spring for your idle vacuum. Will work like a charm
  10. Only way i could think of is an Oscilloscope to test this. The Test Patterns are available in the Workshop Manual.
  11. 14 is IGF Circuit. Could be the ignitor or the Ignitor wire from the ECU to the Ignitor.
  12. The Vacuum is more than enough to open a BOV which is working correct and adjusted(if adjusting is available) correct.
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