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  1. Hmm.. just been through old emails - looks like i sold it in 2004
  2. Manage to find original photo's from the day we collected the car - March 2000. Not sure exactly when i sold it but based on the last image it looks like it didnt stay on the road for much longer... I sold it to a young asian guy in Newport Pagnell, he was unfortunately in a wheelchair and was planning on having it modified so he could drive it. I wonder now if those modifications failed
  3. I've found some old photo's from 2000 when i picked it up with the original plate on it - i'll post them up tonight. It looks like the plate I had on it no longer exists so i guess got removed and never put on retention
  4. I need to find some of those early 2000's JAE at Billing photo's I'm sure they're on CD somewhere
  5. Ah right yes - was a long time ago - i have vague recollections of us all eating along a big table
  6. Was this the meet that someone left in the Silver Supra and hit something on the way out ?
  7. I have to say it is very enjoyable - so smooth to drive, but with the obvious EV immediacy when needed - i'm an old fart now, so need the more comfortable things in life
  8. Being as i'm member no. 2 really should post something !! Well done John on running the club this long - I do remember that meet, setting up the original Bulletin Board software all those years ago.. Here's my contribution from god know when
  9. Syed Yes always said the Viper would be the Supra successor. Not sure if they are 2+2. Going to have a look now - THANKS !! Just another car to think about. Dean.
  10. I shall never go away Tried the other forums, but this is still the best Terry - never went for the Maserati - well not yet anyway. Keep changing my mind, even looked at an Evo VIII at one point. Quickly ruled it out though !! Dean
  11. Thanks for that Jake - thats good news then as everything i'm looking at is narrower than a Supra Hi to everyone else. Supra has crossed my mind a couple of times but no - its gotta be something else. Very close to an R34 GTR but not sexy enough Dont laugh though, i'm going tomorrow to look at a pearl yellow..... 4.5L TVR Cerbera. I know they have reliability problems but they look soooo sexy. Hopefully shall see you all at Billing. Dean.
  12. Hi All After spending the last 7 months trying to forget my lovely Supra (which i believe now sports new wheels bodykit supsension etc.) I am now getting ready to think about the replacement. What i need to know from some kind sole though is what the Supra's dimension is wing mirror to wing mirror. A number of cars i'm looking at include mirrors and mkiv.com says 71.2" but i dont know if this includes mirrors. And i need it in mm's !! Thanks in advance. Dean.
  13. Would now be a good time to mention how good the Supra looks with no spoiler at all http://www.webworking.co.uk/nospoiler1.jpg Dean.
  14. I believe they fitted them as standard to UK 95+ You can seperate both halves - i opened my UK spec which had nothing in it to fit an LED strip. Cut it apart with a Stanley knife - glue back together with expoy resin. Dean.
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