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  1. I'm after a nearside wheel speed sensor /abs wire bracket that sits on the wishbone. Does anybody have one spare?
  2. Evening all, I removed the front shocks on my car the other evening to install eibach springs only to find the strut rings that are usually bolted to the top of the strut, underneath the strut tower, almost acting as a spacer. Is this normal?
  3. Evening all, I'm looking for the OEM front top mount covers shown in the pic. Does anybody have any lying around? Or know the part number? Cheere Jake
  4. Never seen whifbitz own springs before? Are they now discontinued? They stock eibach but thought I'd see if any were going on here first..
  5. https://www.demon-tweeks.com/h-r-coilover-suspension-kit-monotube-h-r29966-1/
  6. Evening all, as black Friday is approaching I'd thought I'd see what offers were around for coilovers. Stumbled across the H&R kit and they seem to have a good rep on other cars. From what iv read they seem to be superior to the likes of BC/HSD/TEIN etc. Does anyone in here have any experience on these? Jake
  7. Looking for the above in good structural condition, preferably H&R or similar, not cheap ebay. Cheers Jake
  8. The xtreme does seem to be more popular, i think id have to go for the ceramic option as i do drive the car hard at weekends. Is there much difference between the sprung and unsprung versions other than the cost?
  9. Hi all, currently looking at my options for a twin plate 'push' type clutch suitable for approx 600ftlb. My budget is around £1200 - £1500 so my options are pretty limited. I'm undecided between the xtreme twin plate and the competition twin plate, can anyone give me any feedback on either of these 2 clutches? Cheers Jake
  10. Engine Specifications: NGKBKR 8EIX Audi coil packs Turbocharger & Induction: BWS364 Twin-Scroll T4 Turbo A/R .91 Billet turbo blanket Braided oil lines/aeroquip fittings 9" AEM Dryflow air filter HKS Racing type 2 BOV HKS Type R Front mount intercooler Carbon cooling slam panel Fuel, Tuning & ECU: Bosch 044 fuel pump Link G4+ Standalone CanBus Lambda Sard 650cc injectors Exhaust: Whifbitz 3.5" cat-back 3" PHR down-pipe 3" mid-pipe with flexi HKS GT tubular manifold Precision 46mm wastegate & screamer Drivetrain: V160 6 speed getrag Competi
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