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  1. Probably for the best mate. Will wait out on new route/timings
  2. Oh wow...things have really gone wrong since I've been away. Who and why would you do this to a supra?! Have the supras really depreciated that much that kfc car park loitering Lupo drivers can now afford them?! I'm now in an R34 but at that point where even this is struggling to quench the 2jz thirst. The mkiv was and is one of the best handling cars I have ever driven... Yeah I spent the money on coilovers, strut braces, superpro bushers(which some may not agree with), corner weighting, geo align's, etc, etc... The list goes on... But even before all that the car could and would handle
  3. Feel sorry for anybody driving these roads! I was on them today and got massively cut up by a 1.2 vw. Just narrowly avoided an accident! seems to be a lot of faulty indicator stalks too?! Gutted for you! At least as said, nobody hurt and your looking at the bright side every cloud!
  4. Next you'll be telling me Jurassic park isn't a documentary!?
  5. See dude! Too nice a supra to sell
  6. Just to put this out there. A well maintained vehicle will better keep its ponnies. Had mine on the dyno as NA before the NA-T in 2010 and was showing 222bhp at the flywheel. And if I remember correctly Martin and Neil-NA had better than this with mods. I usually get this sorta comment from people after just doing an oil change on their car. &the oil taken out could of been used as filler Followed by that's a nice car, what does it do mpg?........... Not saying your one of these just that, a better maintained engine will far out perform a lesser cared for one& reduce the amoun
  7. With DavidP on the whole custom fabrication over plug& play! And you've got skill! Very very nice work!!!
  8. Yep pretty pants really! Hate the sneaky over payed pompous I'm gone shout and stamp my feet at you in a building called the House of Commons like a bunch of 7 year olds told they can't have ice cream! But yeah good right up. But this tyre legislation has been in the pipeline since beginning of last year verywell aimed shot to the foot! Wonder how many self employed part worn tyre garages this will affect? It's pointless to be fair... As the general publics opinion... Or 99% of people who go to buy tyres aren't gona spend anymore just because its slightly better on fuel& may save them £
  9. :rofl: I got what you need at mine when you pop over Friday to take it off the stand dude
  10. 1.yes pass 2.no 3no If there are seatbelts there should be seats. Also if there are seats there should be seatbelts. However if you don't have either in, it's all good. Work in a garage& words from the mot testers mouth last month.
  11. NA-T 1. tkddav3 2. -welsh-stealth- 3. Gixer_81 4. FOSTA NA-T builds: 1. d[-_-]b 2. caineoo 3. Josh42 4. Rich.2211 5. FOSTA ( currently building a second NA-t engine, aiming for around 600+ bhp with this one) 6. -welsh-stealth- (also on the 600bhp+ engine NA-T build band wagon. Man cave/shed build)
  12. Should get a list going d[-_-]b? So what you running tkddav3? What's the NA-T figure to beat? I'm sure Noz will be chasing that tittle soon Anyways: NA-T 1. tkddav3 2. -welsh-stealth- NA-T builds: 1. d[-_-]b 2. caineoo
  13. You got me all wrong mate! I would never own anything TT related!? Ha ha ha! *juuust kidding all you lovely TT owners out there * No was just pm'ing d[-_-]b as I didn't want to get beat up by his girlfriend for texting& waking her lol
  14. First thing I'd do, is remove that engine under tray. Try to find roughly where that leak is. Clean the area to see if it leaks again. To be sure you had the right area/seal/gasket. It looks like it could be the rear crankshaft seal to me, but it could just be oil sitting on the undertray finding its way to the floor at the back of the under tray.
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