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  1. Hi Guys, For sale I have some brake calipers that Ive collected over the years, these have come from a Toyota Aristo or a Uk spec Mk1 GS300, they will all need a rebuild as far as I can see, most of the pistons were pulled forward before storing, but some might need forcing out. There are 4 front calipers, 2 rears, 4 front carriers and 4 rears, a couple of the carriers are from the smaller J-Spec brakes. Due to weight collection only, and collection is from Gravesend in Kent, or I could meet half way depending on where your coming from. Price £50
  2. Hi Guys, Ive had these flares in my garage for a good few years, both are out of date, but true JDM Goodness!! Price £SOLD
  3. Hi Guys For sale I have a new AEM UEGO AFR wideband gauge kit model is 30-4100, comes complete with sensor, wiring harness, gauge accessories and instructions. I purchased this a few years ago for my turbo project which isn't going ahead so is up for grabs. Price £SOLD
  4. Hi, you would need to check part numbers on Toyodiy, this item is the same for the Toyota Aristo 2JZGE/2JZGTE vvti and non vvti autoboxes, but on the supra im not sure.
  5. I think so, I'm not to sure as I never tried to fit it. I can get measurements if needed.
  6. HI Guys, Ive had this for years, it was sold to me as a radiator cover plate, but I don't know how or where it would fit, does have some minor scratches and Ive never fitted it but is a used part. Seems to be stainless steel and has the Supra logo cutout. Price £25 Delivered.
  7. Hi, I don't know what pressure the PAS runs at, far as I know long as your PAS cooler is on the low pressure side then it could work, but it is much bigger than what you currently have. Thanks
  8. Hi mate what fitment is this bov would I need a special bit of pipe to plumb it in.

    1. TRD-1


      Hi mate,

      Yes you will need a bov pipe to fit this, I will get you the diameter of the BOV.


    2. TRD-1


      HI mate

      It will need a 35mm pipe to connect to.


    3. rg500


      Okay thanks for that.


  9. Hi Guys, For sale I have a MOMO Race steering wheel, this came on a Aristo I owned a long time ago, its quite worn, but does not have any tears or rips in the leather. The boss has been welded but doesn't effect the way it works, also comes with the centre buttons which are for the horn and cruise control if your car is fitted with it. Price £50 Delivered
  10. Hi Guys, For sale I have a Forge BOV I brought this for my car, but ended up going with a blitz instead, I brought this from a member on here, the piston has been greased up and moves freely. Doesn't leak, hose connection side is 35mm OD Price: £SOLD
  11. Hi Guys, Garage clearout, parts from my turbo project which is sold. This item is used and I don't know what it was used for, engine oil or transmission oil, so a flush out before use. Is in good working condition. Dimensions approx 280mm x 200mm x 20mm Price: £SOLD
  12. Hi Guys, Garage clearout, brought this for my turbo project which is now sold, brought new, never been used or fitted, comes with fitting kit. Few minor scratches from storage. Dimensions approx 400mm x 260mm x 25mm In/Out Ports 10mm Price £40 Delivered
  13. Hi Guys, Doing a garage clear out, found this, I had brought this for my turbo project but thats been sold off so its up for sale, its never been used and it comes with a hose and fitting kit. Does have some damage to the fins but I think it might be possible to straighten them out. Dimensions are approx: 400mm x 200mm x 20mm - In/Out - 10mm Price £30 Delivered.
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