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  1. I think it's John Hodgson you may be looking for. Advertises them on FB.
  2. Hi Has anyone sprayed 2k clear aerosol or similar over the cast aluminium turbo intake pipes? I just had mine vapor blasted and have come up looking great so rather than have them powdercoat want to clear protect them before they oxidise again. Recommended brand welcome. Cheers
  3. Mine was worse than that. You can restore it in a few hours lad.
  4. KrisM


    Thanks pal. Just highlighting my experience and hope maybe motivates people to do it today and not wait.
  5. HI, Don't happen to have those pictures available to upload? Quite fancy doing this myself. Cheers
  6. KrisM


    After my Dad's second heart attack he updated his will. He tried to talk to me about it but foolishly I didn't take him on as after near losing him it wasn't a topic I was ready to deal with it. We were pretty tight and saw each other a lot figured we would look at it at some point. Weeks later he passed away, I could not find the will anywhere. Employed a solicitor to check with all other local solicitors if they held it but no luck. One of his friends had witnessed it and knew what it contained but without a copy..... I just didn't want the responsibility of being the executer and
  7. Great work lad. Condolences at the loss of your Dad.
  8. Item:- Cambelt pulley (non-vvti) Condition/Mileage:- used/unknown Price:- £50 Postage:- included Trigger wheel has been welded £50 delivered
  9. Hey Supra has been off the road for a few years and i'm in the middle of some restoration. Hooked battery up to sort out some electrical issues and found the Toad siren is crackling constantly at low volume. Suspect its goosed, backup battery maybe. Can any ebay replacement siren be fitted? Or will it be specific to the Ai606? Cheers
  10. Thanks that is probably the safest route. Hopefully they dont class her as a learner again.
  11. Hi all, Wonder if anyone here has had this same situation and can answer my question. My wife passed her automatic driving licence a few months back and has her own car and insurance. Her insurance cover is full comp and includes driving other cars. I want her to get her manual licence. Can I just put L plates on my manual daily and she is legal? or do we need to inform her insurance and see if she is covered? Or do i need to add her as a named driver on mine? It's a puzzler to me. Cheers
  12. Hi, Is that a agm sealed Exide battery? If so share the model number please
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