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  1. Looking for these, mine have been molested when previous owner tried fitting bigger speakers......
  2. If anyone is selling a pair in good condition, I'm in. The fat baby is getting a full respray at the moment and the joints are just too old and hard to be removed properly so.... looking for replacements
  3. Ok maybe this is not the right place to post but..... I may have to order a new set of wheels, have always been happy with the Rota's I've owned. Back in the day, wasn't there a thread around with shitloads of pics of rota wheels fitted to various supras? I'm looking for sample pics and inspirations so I thought this would be a great starting point but I'm unable to find this thread... is my memory playing tricks on me or am I just too dumb to find it ?
  4. @The Raven, I'm glad yo could sort your issue this way, but I'm not sure this applies to a 2-years-ago purchase @T2 MSW I gotta check about the moneyclaim and local solicitor thing. In the mean time I heard about and got in touch with www.europe-consommateurs.eu/en/home I hope they can be a solution for me here (while my lawyer goes for the hard procedure which takes longer) and in any case you guys may have a look since they could be your answer shoud you be in trouble with a company inside EU but outside UK
  5. thanks again for this 2nd round of infos Rider, I need to process this now since english is not my mother tongue and this all involves quite a lote of legal jargon
  6. Thanks for your input RIder, I'll have a look at MoneyClaim. To keep things simple I did not mention it but, UNFORTUNATELY I live outside of UK so this also doesn't help
  7. I’m re-upping this thread; since I have been unable to solve my issue with Sumopower over phone calls, text messages, e-mails and formal letters I thought It would be interesting to let you folks know about the situation. Loooooong story short, here’s what happened. Decembre 2018 (yes, 2018!) I ordered a set of 4 Wedssport wheels from Sumopower. As it is a staggered mount, front and rear wheels are different sizes. It appears that the rear wheels have a manufacturing defect (which has been acknowledged by Sumopower) and therefore I cannot fit them to th
  8. Hi there ! I ordrerd a set of Wedssport wheels from Sumopower in late 2018. 2 wheels have a machining defect, making them unusable. Sumo has been unable to provide suitable replacement nor refund ever since. We got to the point where they would not even answer my emails anymore ! Any one else with a similar misfortune ?
  9. just started a thread after my led conversion, 2 pictures with halogen VS LED, if you want to have a look
  10. I feel a bit dumb asking but… has someone successfully installed LED foglights on a Supra ? I mean, I got a pair of HB4(9006) LEDs for low beam, HB3(9005) for high beam and H3 for foglights. Installing HB3 and HB4 was an easy plug and play Installing the H3 on the other hand seems to be just… Meh ! Here are the LEDs I bought as well as some pics https://www.ledperf.com/kit-ampoules-hb4-9006-led-ventilees-taille-mini-p-15866.html https://www.ledperf.com/kit-ampoules-hb3-9005-led-ventilees-taille-mini-p-15865.html https://www.ledperf.com/kit-ampoules-h3-led-ventilees-taille-mini-p
  11. Hi, i’m in the process of replacing the LEDS in my dashboard (conversion had been made by previous owner). Some of the plastic sockets in which you plug the bulbs-leds have been damaged, awkwardly soldered etc…. I'd like to make it clean Are these the right ones for the bigger LEDs (T10 / type 194) https://www.amazon.fr/WLJH-T10-168-194-Twist-2825-Wedge-miniature-ampoules/dp/B07B2J3JBQ/ref=sr_1_27?ie=UTF8&qid=1547479684&sr=8-27&keywords=t10+led+support and smaller LEDs (T5 / type 74 like for oil temp etc) https://www.amazon.fr/Support-lampe-remplacement-T5-LED-visser/d
  12. haven' recieved my summer tyres yet, may have to go for michelin unltrasport in the rear and pilot sport 4 in the front. the winter ones, michelin alpin PA4, do iondeed have a pretty decent built-in rim protection, I'll upload some closeups if anyone's interested
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