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  1. Hi can you give me a cost to freshen up diff ie new bearings and seals , my diff has a whine so it needs sorting . let me know , thanks Mark
  2. thanks for that £500 in parts , did you do yours your self , and what's involved .
  3. Hi any one know how much its cost to freshen up a large case diff , ie new bearings . and where can it be done . thanks Mark
  4. Hi have you fuse box with relays for sale or just relays
  5. I'm looking for relays for my fuse box as all my relays got water in and now are no good . Let me know what you got . Thanks Mark
  6. Hi guys is there anyone making good power from a N/A turbo Set up, GE engine . on this Forum .
  7. Wanted a pair of adjustable cam pulleys. Must be branded .
  8. I need 2 cp pistons 86.5mm code 85-2a don't need rings Thanks mark
  9. Bare head will work .but no damage
  10. Head needed ,will be re-built thanks mark
  11. Wanted gte sump . Both parts. Thanks mark
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