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  1. it must be I know someone who has a shogun that has WOW and that's 1994?
  2. Nice saw it again today and we share a similar number plate too "wow" I'm the annoying red truck keeps driving by the bakery! haha
  3. In the layby up the road from the bakers yesterday morning with a TRD Spoiler?
  4. yeah that's right Nel I keep in contact with her on fb as we're both selling ours
  5. Facelift model it looked like to me as it zipped past with a Drift wing on the back sorry I can't remember the proper name for it and had gold possibly volk wheels this morning I was in the slow truck wishing for a faster one
  6. Friday in Icklesham in a layby tea wagon I was in my work van...
  7. A bit high in price but maybe potiential? Also got man flu here Jamie http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1571413.htm
  8. Yes I'm following this, it's sad to see what they went through but what an accomplishment!
  9. Dear God! How much downforce is this guy asking for?
  10. Awaiting information still... we are having issues for which I cannot say at the moment.
  11. I can't do this I'm afraid as I'm out on the town but if anything changes I'll let you know
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