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  1. Marks Engineering, very nice pieces. Awesome setup on this car, it's been done right.
  2. How does ME paying for mapping and you getting my map for FREE constitute 'working together'. That's something i've never understood with certain people... The reason you cannot work out why it takes longer than two hours to map a car is the very reason you need educating. You know not what you are doing. P.S Don't ask me again.
  3. My twin fan setup shifts some serious air, if you open the door and stick your foot out of the door you can often feel the draft. They only turn on when water hits 96°c I think and turn off at again at 90°c. Never had any cooling issues.
  4. Well if you get a full, comprehensive spec sheet up with some pics a valuation won't be a problem
  5. Well I suppose the bottom end of the market for something like that is about 24k but what else does it have, ecu, built engine, built head, tyres etc etc
  6. I have a friend who is interested. Have you current engine bay and interior pics?
  7. Fantastic car this, i bought my hypertune and engine bay boxes after seeing it. Some great attention to detail here, looking forward to racing it again
  8. Lovely car, and a decent video mate. I'm sure you were gutted about the weather, I could see the CCW's corroding the longer the video played
  9. I'm glad, those rocket bunny kits look absolutely wank.
  10. So I'm confused, is Mike still a great guy? Wow, a shocker, no performance just hidden lies. I hope you manage to get this sorted, because it's just ridiculous.
  11. I like the work mate, looking forward to seeing the finished product, how come you didnt grab a Ridox front bumper while you were at it to match the kit? I like them, quite fancy one myself if anyone out there has one for sale, might be interested
  12. I'm pretty sure 500ft lbs of torque is the upper limit and with two oil coolers is the number that's usually passed around
  13. That's absolutely tip top mate, the club stand will look fantastic with cars in this kind of condition.
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