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  1. I Agree. But that's the law. If i remove the police will get me in a day of the road. The fine is pretty high here for that.
  2. Thnx!!. What do you mean by "just a shame the licence plate just does not seem to fit the picture" chrs
  3. I thin it's time for a little update. Very little indeed . Wensday i'd put on a new crankshaftpuley. And the wheels are in a new colour. I didn't know what to expect with the wheels but they turned up nice. Atleast i think they look nice Today i had a some spare time and took some new pictures. Let me know what yoy think.
  4. i may have a set but i have to check. How much are you willing to spend? chrs
  5. do you have the idle controllvalve? don't know for sure that's the word. chrs
  6. Thats better . I will contact you by the end the year if thats k with you. cheers
  7. Hi all, I;m looking for a good crank dampener. Does anynone have one for me or can anybody tell where to get one. NEw they are like 200 pound. cheers Patrick.
  8. I got mine today. Looks really nice. THNX!!! cheers
  9. I mean the round rubber. Not the supportbearing. When i'm driving and i rev the car to 6k rpm i feel it in the car. on a old MOT is sais that it's in the propshaft. The thing is i don't know the exact word for it cheers
  10. Hi all, Can anebody tell me if the rubberjoint on the propshaft is the same as a US twin turbo or a autobox propshaft. Does also somebode tell me the price for it in the UK. here in the Netherlands it's really expensive. Cheers patrick.
  11. i don't have it yet. I hope that it will arive tommorow. cheers
  12. I think it's really hard to make up my mind. I think that bronze wheels are really nice. But maybe not on my wheel Isn't there somebody who's good with photoshop? cheers
  13. Hi all, I'm not sure what color to put on my 19" wheel. Do you guys have any idear? I thought about black but i'm not sure. plz help me Here's a pic. \ cheers
  14. Really nice :) Can't wait to show it here with a meeting cheers
  15. Thnx all. @ Lee, The wheels are just like before. I'm going to do them in the winter. Just a few more weeks and i'm putting some oem wheels on the car. Don't know if i'm going to ride it trough the winter. Maybe i'll put her in the garage. cheers
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