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  1. SOLD So to clear this from my ex's drive i'm selling the last of it cheap as a whole thing. This was a drag racing project so was stripped the hell out of! Run down of what you get... Supra with V8 1uz engine, Auto box, drivetrain etc including adjustable fuel pressure regulator, magnacore leads, alloy rad and fan set up and lots of zada tech sensors for the multi gauge. also blitz nurspec exhaust UK spec front brakes and calipers TOM coilovers Fuel cell blitz front bumper in need of love! (no side skirts or rear bumper or bonnet) APR carbon mirrors four box loads of other bits, swi
  2. Hi guys sorry I don't have either of the two things above
  3. PLEASE NOTE - For those inquiring on the whole car this was being built for the sole purpose of drag racing, therefore has an auto box which was, until i sold it, being matched up to a drag racing shifter kit. The interior has been gutted pretty much completely! The fuel system was also made smaller and lighter. I hope that clears some of the questions up.
  4. Hi thanks dude. sorry the interior was fully race prepped so there isnt one.
  5. Hi all, So sad to be doing this after owning for almost 10 years but a messy divorce has pushed sale. As titled quite a lot of the parts have gone already including HX40 turbo, remote oil system, charge cooler system and NOS system but will be adding things to this list as i go along. Prices are listed as collect and P+P costs also covers Paypal fees. once I've cleared most of this i will be selling the rest of the supra as a whole (rolling with engine). Collection from Thunderlsey, Essex (possibly Canterbury once i get my camper van back up and running in a few weeks once the gearbox is re
  6. Wow its been a long time since ive been on here. After owning a supra for about 10 years it has become time we part our ways . a very messy divorce has left me unable to finish her. Ive already sold loads of bits off of her including the rear mount turbo, charge cooler etc but need some help with the last few bits. The reason i loved this supra so much when i bought it was the different kit it has. fitted with a genuine TOMs kit it also had a lot of other TOMS and TRD parts which ive parted with over the rears. I now want to sell the kit but dont know how much for. i would thought being the
  7. What parts are you after? I'd rather not if honest as means getting all the bubble wrap, tape, finding a shop which actually has a working my Hermes scanning machine and as all this stuff is now at my ex partners I could really do with not having to deal with all that as well. However let me know what you want I'll see what it will cost
  8. Need to clear some of the garage out so the following items are up for grabs for free collected from thundersley (essex). I will update the list as I find more bits Flocked lower glove box Left rear quarter glass plastic interior trim Right ear guarded glass plastic interior trim Power steering pump, resivour, and pipework(from 1uz) Update also available Steering column/stalk surround top and bottom. flocked (badly,) wrapped in leather (badly) and one screw lug damaged but still fitted ok.
  9. Thanks Nic. I was forwarded a video on them and noticed that the video (although having TOMS plastered all over it) states them as advox.
  10. Hi all My supra was imported with some TOM's advox coil over on and I'm in need to hight adjust them. However on quick inspection it looks like it only has two collars on it for rebound or whatever it's called. Can anyone shed some light on this if they have experience with these coilovers. Can't find much on the net about them. If there isn't hight adjustment I'll need to sell them to get some which are. Thanks
  11. I have a pair of glass headlights for swaps for plastic lights in any condition (all considered) + money my way depending on what you have. Please see pics below. Small mark on inside of one of them and the other is missing one mounting bolt and has some overspray of flock on rear which could be cleaned off. Swap in person if in Essex or near by or can post (but would rather not have to!) Ta
  12. Sorry I only just got these to you. Mean a crazy weekend. A little dirty and as I say would benefit from another die
  13. sorry dude i totally missed your reply. ill get you some pics this evening when im home. about 7:30
  14. I have an original set from a soarer which obviously fit the same and are of a much thicker pile. just have a soarer logo on rather then toyota. have been died black and would benefit from another dieing (may have some of that spare to) i might still have the rears as well but not 100%
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