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  1. No way... Cant believe she is still out there. This is awesome. Thanks for getting in touch Damian.
  2. Never a truer word spoken.. I always liked that is was NA.. Didn't like having to explain that to ever person that asked me at a set of lights though "is that the turbo mate?"... How easy is it to get hold of a manual turbo these days?
  3. Christ.. Might be easier just to find someone selling a standard NA, buy that and just start again... Facts are even IF i did find my old one, it probably isn't in the same condition I left it in.
  4. Me too, Ill let you know if I get anywhere.
  5. The only contact details I have are for the guy I sold it too. He has since sold it but lost the details of who too. I only have that vague address in my first post.. Contacting the DVLA isn't a bad shout, at least I would know if the car still exists.
  6. Yeah.. Thing is I thought you had to have tax these days?
  7. Cheers for this.. Would this tell you if it had been scrapped cause it would seem the guy that brought it off the guy I sold it too never did anything with it.. I wonder if its just sat in a garage somewhere....
  8. They are pretty hard to get hold of though right.? I cant seem to find a decent standard NA for sale? If I could I would probably guy it. Thanks for the link Chris, I will give it a go.
  9. About three years ago I sold my Supra, 3.0 Na manual, Silver.. I was a beautiful car, ran like a dream, sounded like a race car and was in great condition but being a younger and stupid I sold it.. I didn't realise what I had and now they are like gold dust. I would love to find my old car again. I have been on a mad hunt to try and find out what happened to my old Supra but have totally struck out so far so this is my last attempt. Can anyone help? All I have is info given to me from the guy I sold it to about the guy he sold it to... if you follow me! This is it, "he runs/ran a
  10. Hi All, I am looking for some advise, I am trying to install the active front spoiler unit onto my supra (j-spec), but am having some issues seeing where it bolts go and how it attaches. I was wondering if anyone could shoot me over some photos of the underside of thier supra so I might be able to see how it attaches. Many thanks - Grogey.
  11. Grogey

    1994 NA Jap Import Supra

    Engine Specifications: 3.0 NA Turbocharger & Induction: HKS Super Power Flow Induction Kit Fuel, Tuning & ECU: N/A Exhaust: Straight Through System Custom 1st DeCat Manifold and Down pipe Jap Speed 2nd DeCat HKS Mid and Rear Section Drivetrain: N/A Weight Reduction & Transfer: Stripped Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes: 17" Standard Alloys Toyo Tires Stop Tech Disc's and Pads Interior & ICE: Cobra Monaco S x2 OMP Suede Streeing Wheel Exterior: N/A Performance: Max power - ??? bhp @ rear h
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