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  1. Can get sill panels from SRD or Kieron at extreme performance
  2. Here I have a front and a rear anti roll bar from a j spec. looking at £30 each plus postage
  3. Hopefully they really compliment the colour of the car The wheel nuts work well with the colour so let’s hope
  4. Test fitted the wheels on a mates supra today
  5. Exactly but they are worried and most of the places don’t have a top of the range tyre machine like a hunter
  6. Fingers crossed that they do mate I’m sure they will
  7. Yep then a nice big bill of the places around you are the same as mine Fingers crossed you know a decent tyre place mate
  8. hahaha big time, a lot of companies wouldn’t even touch them when I said how much they were each
  9. Just seems very steep in relation to everything else Not being a dick but it’s not an hours work, so taking into account time, % machinery costs and overheads there’s some serious markup there but yeah no damage and not many places are happy to touch them
  10. Got the tyres fitted at last , wasn’t bloody cheap either £130 to fit the tyres and balance them But they look good
  11. New spoiler blade collected yesterday thanks to Gary England
  12. Another boring bit of interior cleaned up
  13. Gave a few more interior parts a clean up. A little more to do on the headlining and another treatment on the lower bench
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