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  1. Thanks mate I’ll give them a call. was hoping more people had this issue but clearly not
  2. I’ve got a Whifbitz 3-4” adapter if needed mate.
  3. They said he’s an older guy. It’s in for heater not working and some other bits. Mot has also expired. Probably not a member here.
  4. Yea no idea what’s happened there pal
  5. Tb developments 3” midpipe £150 whifbitz 3-4” adapter £50 Both brand new and unused
  6. So every time I go to insure the car etc. It keeps coming up for them as a non turbo? When it’s actually an original TT6! Pretty sure this must be a common affair. Anyway to update or change this so it’s correct nationally on checks and with company’s etc?
  7. Thanks mate. Was worth going with 625 inconel will definitely last and doesnt look to shabby I suppose pal. Thanks
  8. All welded ready for fitting, decided to use aerospace grade inconel rods for the welding. So these will be strong. Was a lot harder to get a uniform weld though. Still they won’t be breaking anytime! Was going to wrap the exhaust up but didn’t bother so this is how they will be fitted
  9. Would anyone be interested in a set of brand new high impedance 14mm FIC 1000cc injectors? Brand new but been test fitted to my rail. I would take £500 for them got the box and data sheets for them. https://fuelinjectorclinic.com/toyota/supra-2jz-gte/IS145-1000H
  10. Thanks Peter. so happy to have a full 4” system. Was worried I’d be stuck with a 3” downpipe but was lucky. is yours full 4” from turbo too? Any sound clips?
  11. Here it is, Custom built 4” down/midpipe, tacked and ready to weld up at work Monday! These welds will be perfection! So happy to have full 4” system to go on. Watch out ear drums
  12. Went to view the progress on mine yesterday and see a gunmetal supra awaiting work. anyone’s on here? Didn’t manage to get plate or picture.
  13. Few pics from my visit to her today! Got to say coming along nicely with dcauto, Dan’s a great bloke to work with. Just got to finish installing the inter cooler setup, fuelling, down pipe. Not long now! Enjoy some porn!
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