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  1. hi all I'm after some help, can anyone recommend an auto elec in or around the south Wales area to have a look at our supra? need some wires looking at an also the speedo isn't working, any help will be much appreciated cheers
  2. Mike17

    Matador Tyres

    We have had a few bits on the suspension and stuff changed since the last laser allignment was done so we were going to do that when these ones get fitted It made loads of diffence to it last time it was a lot nicer to drive after
  3. Mike17

    Matador Tyres

    Hi dnk it's mike, yeah I've just been reading the reviews ppl have left and they seen to be quite a good tyre, no we haven't had the geometry checked or.anything, we haven't changed anything in the car other than a body kit, like Amy said we normally have fallen tyres and they have always lasted a long time and we haven't really thought about it! Where would be an idea place to go and speak to someone about it?
  4. Mike17

    Matador Tyres

    I'm just reading through them now maybe they are worth a try...they can't be any worse than the Toyo's that lasted 5 minutes lol
  5. Mike17

    Matador Tyres

    On Camskill they are not much cheaper than the Falken's and I absolutely swear by them they are fantastic on that car Just wandered if anyone had used them, but evidently they are shite so I won't bother lol
  6. Mike17

    Matador Tyres

    Hi there this is amys husband mike, swampy442 just because we were asking about a tyre that we know nothing about does not mean we cannot afford to run our supra, which buy the way we have owned for.6 years, we had a general wondering about the tyre as we haven't had any dealings with it.
  7. Mike17

    Matador Tyres

    I didn't know if these were descent tyres or not which is exactly why I have asked this question! I have had Toyo's on the car before and found them absolutely shite so just because it is expensive does not mean it is always better! Thank you to the ones who put in constructive comments
  8. Has anybody had any dealings with Matador tyres? Are they any good?
  9. Mike17

    Front bumper!

    Thank you so much guys your awesome We're looking at the Stillen one now, thinking that is going to be perfect
  10. Hey guys At the mo we have a stock front bumper but want to put a bigger bumper on but want to change it to a bigger one, this is where you genius people come in The car has the jdl wide arch kit on it so it needs to be a pretty big ish bumper, however we don't want it to be unpractical, ie. it can't go over any bumps/car parks/slight inclines etc! The original jdl kit was a complete paint in the sit upon and eventually got smashed to smithereens (oops!) so don't want anything like that again. Can anybody recommend one they have or know of that is practical but looks mint too? Cheers du
  11. Still have these for sale, if your interested send me your email and I can send u a pic cheers
  12. If you could send me some emails i can send you a pic, and robzki no it wasnt us on the m5 lol and thank you for looking for me
  13. For sale I have some 18 inch xlr wheels, all the tyre are good except one which has a bulge, but we do have a tyre to replace this one pictures can be emailed on request looking for £250 Cheers
  14. Mike17

    JapFest 2012

    Hey we are in Chepstow to and looking to join a convoy over to Japfest, if you could keep us posted that would be great cheers
  15. 45. Amyljames (1 club stand pass + 6 tickets) (PAID)
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