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  1. Hi Guys Jen and I are going its such a great weekend we really look forward to it. We will bring a fire pit as usual, its so good for catching up with the Supra family round the fire with a beer.
  2. Such a great weekend Alan, thanks so much. Both Jen and I look forward to JAE so much and it never disappoints.
  3. Hi Nic thank you for the info very helpfull, Sparkplugs.co are having a problem with Denso who at the moment cannot match the Toyota part number but they are in contact with them and hopefully they can obtain a set as.
  4. Hi, I am going to change my O2 sensors and have seen the Spark Plug .Co Denso advert but these are for a TT my car is a N/A can anybody give me the correct part No's for the N/A or are they the same? http://www.sparkplugs.co.uk/pages/pricing/ccp/Denso-Lambda-Sensors-ccp.asp this is the link to the advert. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. A big yes from me, it was so good last year such a good event.
  6. Hi Branners on behalf of Alex and myself, thank you for an amazing weekend the amount of work involed for you must have been enormous, I greatly appreciate what you have done. More than happy to help out next year.
  7. Hi we have just found the thread to the JAE weekend, sorry for not saying earlier what a great time we had, and to thank everyone involved in the organisation of the weekend. Especially Darren Mandy and Tom what stars you were. Look forward to next year and hope to see some of you before next year at other events. Fond Regards Dave and Jen West.
  8. Dave West


    Hi is the club going to JAE this year ?
  9. Hi, I have an NA and was going to fit TIR Toyo tyres back and front the fronts are 225 50 16 & rears are 245 45 16 I have been told that these Tyres are very noisy could anybody confirm if this is true, my car is all standard.
  10. Thanks Tom a really great weekend lovely people and a great atmosphere, do we have to wait another year before we do something like this again? Perhaps a warm up in June /July time.
  11. We shall be there, it was great last year so I am sure this year will be fantastic.
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