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  1. yes as much as possible, its actually not the heaviest car to start with. books at just over 1400 .
  2. yes i can over spin it and get the car upto 200 ish bhp but its not the most efficient way you get a bit of drop off up high and they make alot of heat. i was thinking of a simple compound setup just because its something ive never done and it should offer a huge power band. but that will be way down the line. power is in no way my priority. i was never a good enough driver to get the most out of my supra. ill only upthe power when ive got it handling as good as it can for what it is and if im out driving the car
  3. ill do something fancy with the body just for fun, wont be staying like that. as it stands its completely OEM. 2.0 4cylinder approx 160bhp 5 speed auto a smidge under 1600kgs 195/65/15s all around single piston calipers front and back on vented steel discs not sure on spring rates but ill go with super bounce spec 0-60 eventually
  4. where are you guys getting the btcc tyres now? thinking of running the 245s all around on my schnitzel
  5. its an auto.ill be retro fitting some flappy paddles into it and adding a fair bit of trans cooling.. its just going to be some cheap fun. although i am sizing up a small turbo into charger compound setup... maybe. I was thinking of taking it on a day as bone stock to see how much faster i can make it without spending a fortune. It would be nice to have another mkiv track car but the prices these days make it not viable for me e.g. its a bit of an expensive classic now days to be parking it in a tyre wall. and i dont go on a track without pushing my luck, good to know the old girl
  6. Its been a long time since i had a car as a hobby but the itch to get back on trackdays is too strong so i broke the bank a bought what could be the ultimate race car... £200 worh of mercedes c200k. Ill post some pics and vids as i go. and no doubt ill be looking for some knowledge when i find sticking points. In the time iv been away from the forum id like to point out that my spelling and grammar have in no way improved.
  7. I have a power steering rack too if thers need for a second
  8. i have about 50 all in good condition £30 for a set of 6
  9. I have a good passenger side wing £50
  10. advertising on behalf of a friend TVR CERBERA SPEED SIX 4.0 outstanding condition with full history and every MOT, boasts a full engine rebuild to red.rose specifications, which was carried out.by TVR wotks....this was 10,000 miles ago and the car runs superb without any of the unreliability issues.....had just had the 12,000 service in may this year and a fresh MOT...£000s have been lavished on the car form new which was in 2000 so a super low mileage backed.up with all the MOT history and an engine.rebuild at a cost of 6k, full tan hide interior in unmarked condition....after market anter
  11. dr_jekyll

    I'm sorry :(

    It already needs one
  12. I've never asked anybody to post on the forum. Thers plenty of social media about for that so thers really no need to. John if you want to pm me I'll happily send you my phone number so it can be discussed as I feel lots gets lost over text.
  13. I like to come here as an enthusiast buddy. Keep my work life seperate as I am a genuine huge supra fan and for the first 7 years of my membership know body really new that I worked with cars. But if people mention I have worked on there cars I can't help that. I don't mind by any means but its out of my hands. I'm pretty sure the day I balls something up on a mega scale and its posted about itle be left for all to see . Sorry about me throwing my teddy in your thread though.
  14. Not a pop at your thread dude. Just seems like persecution for being a long time member that's contributed to the club for years.
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