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  1. Well this is turning out to be a dog shit season. Bunch of bottlers couldn't beat the worst United side in decades. Wenger's time is up for me. Should of gone in the summer on a high and we have Dortmund to face Wednesday night. This can only end badly. :headbang:
  2. On a ramp, about an hour. Relatively simple to do.
  3. I call them corner bolts personally..!!
  4. It is yeah. 80% of the work is done now anyway, tunnel is in now and I've sorted all the loom issues now. Just needs piecing back together and see what happens!
  5. Its black mate. So ideally I want to be changing the dash loom over as well?
  6. ZF boxes are freaking huge! Some serious beating out of the tunnel would be required to get one of those in a Supra.
  7. As I've discovered.! What a royal pain in the arse. I had a feeling it would be part of that. Looking at the wiring diagram it pulls to ground so in theory running a wire to the correct ECU pin out from one pin of the connector and another wire off the second pin straight to ground should work I think
  8. I'm struggling to see where it is actually going. It looks like its part of the loom which comes through the inner wing next to the brake servo/MC and runs around the engine bay.
  9. Does anyone know if the plug for the kick down switch part of the engine bay loom (not the engine loom) and if so is it tied up somewhere on a manual loom? Reason I ask is because I'm the middle of an odd job, converting manual to auto (don't ask) and I would of thought it's pretty crucial to have this although I've been wrong before!
  10. Depends who you ask. I personally think they're as much use as a glass hammer in terms of "performance".
  11. How about erm that from Welbeck. That's world class dummying if I ever saw it. Completely flummoxed everyone else to allow the Ox to score!
  12. No no, that's next weekend when you pay your visit to the Emirates!
  13. The question now if we can keep that sort of standard in the next few games! This weekends results could not of gone any better for us. My fantasy team certainly took a beating though
  14. Last weekend papered over the cracks for Man U. Reality hit hard today, granted a couple of poor decisions went against them but that's no excuse to lose like that. Not to mention they lost to CB's in the process. A good weekend for me. Nice easy 3-0 win yesterday, lolerpool, spuds and Man U lose.
  15. I do wish I was a neutral now. It would save me from so much stress and potential heart failure. Another day goes by and another inept decision by our manager. Oh how embarrassing it is that Utd have replaced RVP before Arsenal have and with no other than Falcao ffs! FALCOA. I'm so done with arsene wenger now. Completely incapable of leading a team to victory.
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