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  1. Photos of the wheels and more importantly all of the cracks, please.
  2. Like I said in the flesh it looks much better. Bit marmite I guess, can't knock the guy for trying it!
  3. Nice in its own right! certainly in your face! In America probably well worth the price. Over here however might wanna knock £20,000 off for a hope in hell of selling. GLWTS however
  4. P.s apparently it's the same colour as Eleanor from gone in 60 seconds.. in the flesh a lovely colour for a supra imo.
  5. He was saying he got the kit a month ago and worked 24/7 to get it ready for this shoot! Apparently blew a turbo at castle comb. But you are right it does sound awesone and the exhaust whilst a bit marmite looks awesome. Was refreshing to see actually the interior was a bit tired and a couple of cable ties in play.. sure that won't show in the mag feature but it's nice to know even "show" cars aren't perfect.
  6. As did I and when it arrived that's what I assumed it was.. Till I got closer.
  7. Might be loosely based on it but def a boss front end, cost the guy 4k for the kit , apparently it's the only one in Europe. Was heading off from ours to le mans!
  8. Had a chap come up and use the race track for a photoshoot for Japanese performance today. In the flesh it actually looks really good and is very well done. Not sure I would do it to a rx7 personally however! [ATTACH=CONFIG]219566[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]219567[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]219568[/ATTACH]
  9. Again. Price on Drivers window regulator posted please. Cash waiting.
  10. if windows are coming out. Does that mean i can have thst drivers window regulator. . If so how much please?
  11. Hi, interested in drivers side window regulator if the doors are being split and not sold complete.
  12. Don't suppose you have a driver's window regulator on the shelf do you keron?
  13. .. well if that's how this is going I'd take a driver's window regulator haha
  14. Off topic but was it your car in modern classic this month?
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