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  1. Looks superb. Supra s either look v clean or v chavvy these days. Rarely inbetween.
  2. Thanks all. Think may have this sorted but if not those are 2 great places if doesn't work out. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know someone who fixes the capacitors on these? If so please pm or respond. Even better if you have a spare working one. Thanks in advance.
  4. i got a hkb one. hard to remove wheel as release mechanism is very stiff and boss size makes indicator controls out of easy reach but thats me being picky. looks cool when you can remove the wheel though and a good security feature.
  5. Raj lets have 1 each please to be fair i ve not checked to see if i have one. Where are these located?
  6. Thanks for kind words. It was me ! Im out in rhe white one a fair bit on weekends. Seem to know alpt of bristol supra owners. Not met you two though! Somehow missing you!
  7. If that falls through ill take it pls
  8. I am interested in this , can you pm me location? Will it fit in an estate?
  9. Thats quite nice. I need same rear plate as mine like yours has large holes behind it. Where did you get yours and the bung for de-wiper rear mind me asking? Makes me want to get mine detailed given the difference. Thanks in advance
  10. You know mine does this (uk one side). And started when was 1 year old so not only old ones do it.
  11. If this fits a non turbo ill take it
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