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  1. just a little bump to remind people about this one. First big drive out of the year so hopefully we get a lot of attendees.
  2. so the route will be from hereford out to Elan Valley, then down through the Brecons and out to the Top Gear road they used for filming the Supras a few years back. then down to bwlch mountain car park, and then finally out to the m4 and off to Bristol. Should be about 190 miles in total which is slightly more than I would like but quite a bit will be on the m4 out to Bristol.
  3. Im with you on the LC500. I plan on using my inheritance once my mum passes away to buy myself one. Wont be the V8 as I'm more than happy with the looks and not the power!
  4. Great to see everybody signing up. Have you all had the Mollies link back and paid up okay? We will be providing big 21 stickers for the rear window, and two small ones for the side windows as per usual. Would be great to see as many people as possible on this one.
  5. so its been a few years since we have done a Dragoncol or even a Dragonball run so I'm fitting one in on the 25th September for anybody who fancies a little drive out with other supras. https://www.mkivsupra.net/topic/248013-dragoncol-2021-25th-september-2021/
  6. What a year it's been! I felt after everything we have been through I should organise another Dragoncol run. This is a very cut down version of Dragonball where we all meet up on a Saturday morning, drive down through Wales and stay in a hotel Saturday night for a few drinks and some food. The date for this is Saturday 25th September 2021. On the Saturday we will be starting in Hereford at the Premier Inn Hereford Holmer Road. Leaving at 9.30am we will drive to Elan Valley reservoir, then down through the Brecons and hills of Wales stopping on the A4059 where we had the To
  7. always happy to have an argument on the internet. First one is in the for sale section and contains details of all the mods to the car which I didnt want to have to go through in order to meet the rules for a for-sale advert second one is a newbie chancing his arm in the suprachat section third one also contains the spec of the car and is in the chat section. I wasnt interested in asking for a guide price as the second and third link were, I was interested in seeing who wanted to buy it. the forum is a lot quieter than it was before so maybe I should take it as a chanc
  8. As I say, it was purely gauging interest (hence why I didnt post in the for sale section here). It is a very unique car so the right buyer might be out there but the lack of interest shows me it would need a lot more time and effort to get it sold for that price!
  9. The car was posted to social media to gauge interest. Ironically our own rules about for sale adverts on the forum means that I would have had to spend time detailing everything about the car along with pictures and cover the entire history of it. So rather than waste time doing that I decided to gauge interest. Of which there was none. The car will never be loaned out again as the risk of damage is too high now. Ellis looked after it for me after it was handed back by Goblin Works and it may go to him to be garaged but that will be it.
  10. the picture in my gallery of the black car is a UK spec, sold it many years ago and forgot the picture was still in there!
  11. I recently had my TTE wheels refurbished to black with a silver rim which I think works quite nicely. Yours should sell fairly easily as they are a good fitment for the supras
  12. I have loads from the events in the 2000s on my old gaming rig at the kids house. I will dig those out too!
  13. another highlight video from a Dragonball. Cant wait to get back in to Europe next year for another one! Belgium here we come! Dragonball21 The return of the Spa
  14. The wrap is holding up well to be honest, its a good wrap and was well fitted so I hope to get another year out of it yet, and probably change it for 2023 for the 30th Anniversary of the supra being launched. I may take a look at the air cups if they work that well. I didnt want to put it on bags as I like how it handles at the moment!
  15. it is, it runs right along the wheel arch but the arch liners and proper sized wheels usually protect it. The goblin has no arch liners and 20" wheels on a widebody kit so it basically rubs everything especially when it was set so low. It looked amazing that low but couldnt even get over a reasonable speed bump. I had to reverse it out of a car park once otherwise it would have got beached on a speed bump. Its been raised up now and can get over most speed bumps.
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