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  1. Sounds awesome, will check it out. Good luck with it!
  2. She's the best! Glad you've managed to get back in the Supra fold, what are you building?
  3. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I had a lot of interest in the car which genuinely surprised me. I'm afraid I'm going to take it off sale, my friends and especially my wife have talked me out of it (I knew I married the right one!). The thought of selling the car really made me miserable, and as all my friends have said, I will regret it. So I'll keep her and hopefully this year I'll be able to get her running again and enjoy her for a few more years. Apologies to everybody who contacted me, it was never my intention to mess anybody around. It seemed
  4. Change of plan - no longer for sale. It is with a very heavy heart that my beloved Supra goes up for sale. Please read the whole add before messaging, and please keep any negative comments to yourself. Genuine UK manual Supra, owned by myself since 2006 with 152k miles. Full body restoration in 2018 addressing some rust and with a full glass-out respray including refurbishing the alloys in a gun metal grey. Originally owned by Formula 1 driver Ukyo Katayama, with log book to prove. While file of paperwork from the years. I started on a conver
  5. Ok, assumed it would be something that was discontinued. Will see what they're going for when everything opens up again.
  6. Hi All, I'm in need of the steel front cross member, the bit that bolts to the alloy subframe. Anybody got one for sale? Thanks, Mark.
  7. Thanks for the replies, I’ll investigate those. Typical that last time I looked at eBay there wasn’t anything there! Ideally, but I’ve given up on finding one, or at least one not requiring a remortgage!
  8. Hi All, Still looking for a standard front bumper, colour doesn't matter but needs to be in good condition, no cracks and not bent. Thanks, Mark.
  9. Hi, I've upgraded to 3" pipes so these are surplus to requirements. Have been on the car over ten years but in good condition. Downpipe has boss for wideband lambda sensor and is for UK turbos. I believe the second pipe will fit UK and Jap. Collection only from Crowborough, East Sussex. £120.
  10. Hi All, I'm looking for a standard pre-facelift front bumper. Colour doesn't matter as it will be painted, but must be straight and free from cracks. Many thanks, Mark.
  11. Bump - still available!
  12. Sorry, now added. That'll teach me for copying from the Facebook group!
  13. Black carpet, originally grey, just dyed again and comes with a spare bottle of black dye (just in case). In very good condition, couple of flat spots but would be covered by mats anyway. It’s not patchy as it looks in the photos! £60 Collection from Crowborough, East Sussex. [ATTACH=CONFIG]232117[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]232118[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]232119[/ATTACH]
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