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  1. Hi all , I ve been watching this supra on eBay item number 252126170099 I was wondering if anyone knows the car ?
  2. junction 27 start, convoy to luis mega convoy/meet 1.dom 2.tom 3.mach man
  3. wilkorangerover 1 ticket , clubstand supra tom 1 ticket, 1 clubstand machman 1 ticket, clubstand iam sorting all three out unless its to late??
  4. after the new grooved and dimpled ones fitted, with the yellow pads, iam skint lol
  5. i have removed mu uk spec front discs, front and rear pads due to an upgrade i would 50% left offers dom
  6. Brand new Red HEL braided brake lines front and back, un used as the car was already fitted with them £75 inc delivery adam dom 07900583430
  7. 1. dom 2. tom 3. jimmysupra 4. uksupraman 5. martin 6. mach man 7. steady dave 8. superchargedtt 9. ajlittler 10. dan The man
  8. 7.30 Fitness First carpark 1. dom 2. tom 3. jimmysupra 4. uksupraman 5. martin 6. mach man 7.steady dave
  9. For my facelift 1996 with factory fitted uk brakes, iam buying some HEL braided brake lines, has anyone bought these ? if so do i need part number jza80 , or sc300, or sc400 ?
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