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  1. Hi all, Currently after a tt auto triptronic gearbox vvti. Having a few issues with mine. I know lee at Srd done a manual conversion for some but I believe the customer had the box back now. I do need everything, the box / torque converter / cooling pipes. Thanks Andy
  2. Sounds amazing... Can't believe I missed last year, I'm deffo on this year
  3. hi this car still for sale if so please pm ... very very intresented in this. thanks
  4. hi all, looking for a decent non turbo engine, that is full working and been looked after and well maintained. the reason im looking for one is mines finally gave up and i need to get the car back on the road and sorted. Many Thanks guys.
  5. cant wait for 2015db, hope its Rotterdam we go to its was quality 2 years ago - specially we a couple of tunnel we went through. bring on 2015 lol... already looking forward to it haha.
  6. amazing yet again.. ad a right good laff with a few of you and good to see new faces didn't want to come home lol. have to agree with wewsupra - brilliant in Amsterdam. and thanks to the dutch guys for letting tag along with them so far (Y) be good if we went to bak to rotterdam... enjoy that 2 years ago
  7. Yeah a very funny 18:30.... yeah Gandolf they was in mine aswell. just about to pay aswell. Not being funny here but if you say there going on sale at 18:30 then you should put them live at 18:30. not 18:20!
  8. Chris - sorry to here your selling up mate. Not good but hey understandable with what your saying. Don't take to much notice of comments on here, as some comments are just to impose an influence. I like the blue wheels mate and some thing different, maybe not every one taste but hey its your car and you do what ever you want to it. Good luck with your sale mate, keep him touch
  9. im 110% there already its amazing event and love every minute of it. Just wish it could be every weekend haha. 40 -60 supra having fun on the European roads... Its great
  10. 1. ScottC (Full English) 2. Marbleapple (Sausage sandwich)+ Marc p (Full English) 3. Fastcar (Full English 4 times) 4. Littler (Sausage bap) + Sheefa (Sausage Bap) 5. Timlowthian (Sausage Bap) 6. wewsupra + jj (Sausage Bap x2 ) 7. Ellis + Claire (Bacon Bap x 2) 8. Thetrashcanman + Bieber + Mate (1 x Bacon Bap, 2 x Full English) 9. steve.m (Full English) 10. Sukhy + 1 (1 x Sausage bap & 1 x Bacon bap) 11 Steve Paine (bacon nap please) 12 BOB B + Trisha (1 Bacon bap and 1 Sausage bap, so that's a pair of "Baps") 13 Ian Ian ( full English please Dean ) 14 Perpy1878 (sausage bap p
  11. erm.. yeah ill see if i did it out for ya mate, you want sirens aswell erm - what about if your car is half black and half white lmao.... with dragon ball still all over it lmao. - let me guess new special area aswell lol
  12. cant wait to have a look at this rich.. been nice to follow the thread mate.
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