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  1. Preferably good condition. Otherwise will buy new. A.
  2. Surplus to requirements as I am building a more extreme custom setup. Best off the shelf Rad for the Supra, at the moment. Cost of these is around £370+ new. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/brands/koyo-radiators/koyo-rad-r-series-toyota-93-98-supra-na-and-turbo-mt.html Mine has done around 700 miles. SOLD No pics as still on the car but coming off next week.
  3. Interested in this if not sold.
  4. Yeh Cheers bud shawn forwarded me it. Parrys one is a little rich for what i need on it really. Wanted something a little raw but i will have a word with the fella and sort something out if poss as his a good lad he just has commitment issues
  5. Lol well the other is in for a little upgrade (PHR Dry Sump) and the current engine is being dropped into the second shell. I want a track based monster Missing my track days. So something ultra responsive at 1100Hp
  6. Indeed... Altho more like 5th Project on the go. I have some non-Supra related ones. But Supra ones are the best. Altho the SEC with C63 Power train is pretty Epic one
  7. Looking for a 6 speed running shell ideally otherwise a Na 5 speed will suffice.
  8. FIA not necessary, I just want a cage which fits flush. Event Next Weekend. Based London.
  9. Need to try be ready for this Race event. Not sure if we even going to make it but will need a Front Cage. Anyone know of a company who can do one 'off the shelf' or one they have which fits perfectly (through top of tweeters) and does not abstruct the pedal area. Not Custom Cages. Theres fits pants at the front. Thanks, A.
  10. Sorted. Cool Louvers got back to me. Turns out the old number they were on went through to someone who got peeved off lol. Right anyone with a Supra Bonnet Please? Keron? Anyone near Crawley with one even more of a bonus as he will happily pick it up. Update Edit: Sorted Bonnet. Will be having this done this Weekend hopefully. Thanks for the help chaps.
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