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    A340E-GTE/GE Hybrid Transmission & SupraStick ECU Focal Point T.T. Automatic & Tiptronic Maintenance & Upgrades too If you have a Supra with automatic transmission, EVERYTHING you need to know is here N/A-T is constrained to circa 300 ftlb with A340E-GE, 400 ftlb with W58, or spend up-to £3k for 20+ years old 650 ftlb R154, or up-to £7k for 900 ftlb Getrag + up-to 3k for a clutch! Alternatively, with this cheap as chips Hybrid transmission, up to 600 ftlb N/A-T costs up-to £11k less & no expensive clutch to wear out either! This conversion is O.E component plug & play with; 2J, 1J & 1UZ in Supra, Soarer or Lexus and Flappy-Paddles can be used too The pages below are kept up-to-date & members can subscribe to enable alerts of latest updates & Hybrid information After browsing the clearly indexed 10-pages below, should further information be required, I give my telephone number by pm for talking in old money NOT for torture with text grunts!
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    This group is for people to discuss the 1UZ swap into the MKIV Supra you will find wiring information and I'm going to setup a register for V8 Supras. I will be trying to get as much info up as soon as possible
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