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  1. I just sold a set for £450 in near mint condition. Genuine JDM plastic skirts.
  2. I’m up for this mate. UK Spec Single Turbo Manual running 905fwhp and I would love to destroy an M2 ! It’s about 760rwhp mind so suitable.... Greg
  3. It was a very good price. As a guide and some conservative prices.... Uk Brake Full setup £500 Gearbox and all bits £5k Engine £2k UK Spec Large Diff £2k ABS sensors £300 Hubs, arms, bolts £500 That’s a few bits that easily add up to near £10k or more. Add in all the dash panels, UK switches like heated seats that are extremely rare and go for £500 in USA, interior, panels etc and you’re well over £15k in parts for sure.
  4. Yep used to be my colour wheels until I had them powder coated black mate. Original pic attached. And now how they look....
  5. Try now mate sorry.
  6. PM Shawn Preece and he’ll give you the lowdown on these having had one installed. They can get very expensive with supporting mods too if going big power...
  7. Hi all Looking to completely revamp the audio setup on my Supra as its pretty crap. I’m not looking for a crazy install but I have purchased the following: Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB 7” Apple CarPlay headunit Pioneer GMD9705 2000W Max 5 Channel D Class Amplifier Audison Prima Component Speakers 6.5” for Front JBL GX602 Coaxial 6.5” Rear Speakers I’ve run new wiring to the fronts and amp is going under front passenger seat replacing current 2.1 channel one. I will run new 4awg cabling to it. I want to use all the RCA outputs from headunit to amp and want to run some new rear spe
  8. Yep I wash all of our shopping in hot soapy water and anything that can’t be washed gets sprayed with disinfectant spray. There’s no point taking any risks.
  9. I swapped from Fuchs to Millers 3 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Better IMO.
  10. Yep still going. Small trades here and there. Still down £12k on max earnings but up overall.
  11. Yes mate. That's the one.
  12. Yeah probably as it maxes out at around 900.
  13. Power goal bud? I'm tempted to go bigger with my turbo so 6466 could be up for sale end of year after Supra outings.
  14. Haha nice vids mate especially the recent purchase. Did you watch the Forza Horizon Toyota Returns stream big reveal? The Supra they uncovered was my car used on the evening [emoji16]
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