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  1. Quick bump as a couple of items now sold. Prices reinstated by mods (thanks!) and have made sure to do the same going forward.
  2. Hi all, starting to clear out some bits. I've done some searching around to check the value of these things but happy to be told where I'm asking too much (or little!) if I'm way off the mark with any. (SOLD) AEM Standalone Series 1 EMS ECU 2JZ-GTE (non-vvti) Plug and Play - £350 Fully working with last map still loaded (was running a 2JZ, 62mm turbo, 725cc injectors, 1.5 bar boost 624HP) - ECU only (I believe you'd need a map sensor and boost solenoid to use). (SOLD) Injector Dynamics ID725 725cc Top Feed Injectors (set of 6) + 2JZ loom plug n play connectors - £250 SOLD
  3. Good to see another out of the garage and out on the road. Enjoy!
  4. Glad to hear you reached a deal. Looking forward to seeing another back on the road and in the south west too! I'm in the northern part of the south west though, so might not be that weird! Good luck getting her restored!
  5. Engine Specifications: 2JZGTE (non-vvti) Fully rebuilt bottom end with forged internals Manley oversized (87mm) forged pistons Race spec head - ported and polished Whifbitz 264/264 Camshafts GSC Beehive springs and retainers Supertech valves and guides Shimless Buckets NGK BKR8EIX Spark Plugs Turbocharger & Induction: Bullseye Power S362 Billet (Batmowheel) 0.91 a/r with Race Cover 3-row FMIC K & N Filter Fuel, Tuning & ECU: ID 725cc High Impedance, Top Feed Injectors Ross Machine
  6. Yeah, it was a knight racer supplied and fitted job. Trial rear is fine, do-luck front isn't greatest fitment and the blending had discoloured - looks like too much hardener in the filler according to my trusted bodyshop. Got a stock front gooing on, remove the blends and then respray original colour coming up. Even thinking of going stock rear, but torn as I still like the trial one. Will get some more pics up as the jobs get done!
  7. Cheers all - after a point I think I just forgot about the supra as it sat many of those years disguised under a cover whilst work on our house continued around it. If it had been sat in the way of anything else instead of tucked away in the garage I think I would have either fixed it sooner or broken it but then I also saw the value shooting up so couldn't let it go! Plus I passed my A1 and got into motorbikes half way through which filled any need for speed for some time, but definitely not the same as a fast car.
  8. Cheers! Grip not too bad really - quite progressive and manageable coming on the power overall but defintiely struggles with grip more compared to when it was running at 1.5 bar. Having the Syvecs traction control is handy at dealing with it most of the time so far, especially whilst I'm getting used to the power!
  9. Wanted to get this up to celebrate getting my Supra back on the road after a decade in the garage and to recognise the great work of both Jason @ Dyernostics and Paul and his team at Whifbitz making this happen. Was great to see after 10 years off the road everything come together so quickly from when the engine came out at Christmas to the car being mapped this week! How it all started Car started like this in 2006 as a Jspec GZ Auto, bought from club member kghelmet. I was just 23 and couldn't believe I got a Supra, especially when my last car was just a 1.8 litre Rover Coupe!
  10. Just got car back this week - well chuffed with it! Thanks to Jason Dyer @ Dyernostics for building the engine and to Paul and his team at Whifbitz for the Syvecs, injectors and tuning! Engine Type - Single Engine Spec - Forged bottom end with Manley pistons, race spec non-VVTI head with GSC springs and supertech valves, 264 Cams, FIC 1000cc injectors Turbo - Bullseye Power Billet Batmowheel S362 (unsure of a/r - will find out) Fuel Used - Tesco 99 Exhaust - 3" Whifbitz Twin Box Transmission - V160, Big diff ECU - Syvecs S7i Mapped
  11. Nice to meet a few of you in that case and to see some Supra's out and about in Bristol! Mine is only just back on the road again after 10 years laid up so won't likely have spotted me just yet! Also lost touch with many on here! I plan to get out in her a lot more once new engine is mapped, so may come across each other soon!
  12. Oooh! Yours or someone you know? I've been out of the Supra community for about 10 years so don't know who is Bristol/South West based anymore!
  13. Spotted coming down M32 toward Bristol city. Clean White one, N reg. Wouldn't have spotted me as was on a motorcycle going the opposite way!
  14. Welcome back! What a transformation already. Has come out well after just a good clean, a set of weels and the front lip! Definitely need rid of my do-luck front and to go back to stock. Look forward to seeing how this project turns out!
  15. As per title. Looking to ditch my do-luck front and go back to OEM. Will go aftermarket if I have to but thought it worth checking if anyone had an OEM one lying around. Cheers.
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