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  1. You lucky bugger.... I love Gamer's your car lol
  2. We can't read your PMs.... BUT if you get all naughty and need correction then we can do certain things involving GCHQ, the Space Shuttle and Barry Scott to check who's been 'at it'
  3. Getting stabbed in the leg.... made me wince a touch Second worst was getting tasered Just waiting for someone to say something about b*m s*x lol
  4. Should be fine..... oil is oil is oil And for an NA its hardly a highly stressed race engine lol
  5. I'll get them later today as the only ones I have are of the car with 10" wide split rims and 225/50x15's fitted as an April fools joke for another (Fiesta) forum . Car is 82K miles, will have cam belt, ALL fluids and servicing done too. It really is a great little car...... and actually not that little
  6. I have a 1998 Fiesta 1.25 5 door in excellent nick for £895 strangely enough. I know its a bit small, but with the price of fuel set to hit £1.50 a litre this summer the revvy little Yamaha engine will pull a decent 50mpg and is very low insurance too Available now near Chichester.
  7. Would have been better if she was secretly reading porn tucked inside the TG mag....... More classy Good girl tho
  8. Well, I have a nice Fiesta lined up to buy as soon as this is sold! ASAP my good man..... and the phone has started ringing with interested buyers now that the price is dropped
  9. Now reduced to £9995.... final reduction before I take it to a dealer to be totally a** r*ped!!!! Hobgoblin, the commission is £250 if you introduce a buyer at £10495...... £0 commision at £9995.... pro rata inbetween lol
  10. Spaff I can imagine you going out in the garden at night and shouting that Edd
  11. Got to sell the car as I'm buying a new house soon..... probably lol '57' plate registered January 2008, 5 Door Hatchback, Panther Black, 2.0 Tdci Diesel, 6 speed Manual, 3x3 point rear seat belts, Drivers & passenger airbag, CD radio, Air Con, ABS, ESP & Traction control, Height adjustable drivers seat, Steering wheel rake adjustment & audio controls, front & Rear electric windows, multi function display, 16" alloys, Privacy glass, Heated front & rear screens, Heated side mirrors with indicator repeaters. FFSH, Just serviced at Ford dealer. 2 New tyres 6 Months tax
  12. And one with automatic sensors will activate if you're unconscious. May well save your life
  13. AFFF is the one to have. Its foam, as used by airport fire tenders. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_fighting_foam Powder, if ingested into the engine, corrodes aluminium, so will write off the engine if its running. Halon was the best, and if you can get it then its worth hanging on to. Sadly its not made any more.
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